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Full Discussion: Line space problem facing
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Line space problem facing Post 302356291 by patrick87 on Friday 25th of September 2009 05:38:20 AM
Old 09-25-2009
can't work?!
Originally Posted by summer_cherry
sed -n '/>/!{p;}
        }' a.txt


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DB2_ESCAPE_STRING(3)							 1						      DB2_ESCAPE_STRING(3)

db2_escape_string - Used to escape certain characters

string db2_escape_string (string $string_literal) DESCRIPTION
Prepends backslashes to special characters in the string argument. PARAMETERS
o $string_literal - The string that contains special characters that need to be modified. Characters that are prepended with a backslash are x00, , , , ', " and x1a. RETURN VALUES
Returns $string_literal with the special characters noted above prepended with backslashes. EXAMPLES
Example #1 A db2_escape_string(3) example Result of using the db2_escape_string(3) function <?php $conn = db2_connect($database, $user, $password); if ($conn) { $str[0] = "All characters: x00 , , , , ' , " , x1a ."; $str[1] = "Backslash (). Single quote ('). Double quote (")"; $str[2] = "The NULL character must be quoted as well"; $str[3] = "Intersting characters: x1a , x00 ."; $str[4] = "Nothing to quote"; $str[5] = 200676; $str[6] = ""; foreach( $str as $string ) { echo "db2_escape_string: " . db2_escape_string($string). " "; } } ?> The above example will output: db2_escape_string: All characters: , , , \ , ' , " ,  . db2_escape_string: Backslash (\). Single quote ('). Double quote (") db2_escape_string: The NULL character must be quoted as well db2_escape_string: Intersting characters:  , . db2_escape_string: Nothing to quote db2_escape_string: 200676 db2_escape_string: SEE ALSO
db2_prepare(3). PHP Documentation Group DB2_ESCAPE_STRING(3)

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