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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Adding an attachment as an attachment to mailx Post 302355652 by guessingo on Wednesday 23rd of September 2009 10:28:34 AM
Old 09-23-2009
Is it possible to change the font when I sent a mail? I would like my emails to be in courier new. If they are not, the report is hard to read.

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I can't get this to work. I am in korn shell on solaris.

uuencode /usr/local/era/sbin/myreport.log | mailx -s "My ReportReport, `date +'%D %r` " bob@bob.comnull

This hangs and when i control-c, I get an email, but with no attachment. Just a mail with a suibject and no body.

---------- Post updated at 09:28 AM ---------- Previous update was at 09:28 AM ----------

I can't get this to work. I am in korn shell on solaris.

uuencode /usr/local/era/sbin/myreport.log | mailx -s "My ReportReport, `date +'%D %r` " bob@bob.comnull

This hangs and when i control-c, I get an email, but with no attachment. Just a mail with a suibject and no body.

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.K5LOGIN(5)							File Formats Manual						       .K5LOGIN(5)

.k5login - Kerberos V5 acl file for host access. DESCRIPTION
The .k5login file, which resides in a user's home directory, contains a list of the Kerberos principals. Anyone with valid tickets for a principal in the file is allowed host access with the UID of the user in whose home directory the file resides. One common use is to place a .k5login file in root's home directory, thereby granting system administrators remote root access to the host via Kerberos. EXAMPLES
Suppose the user "alice" had a .k5login file in her home directory containing the following line: bob@FUBAR.ORG This would allow "bob" to use any of the Kerberos network applications, such as telnet(1), rlogin(1), rsh(1), and rcp(1), to access alice's account, using bob's Kerberos tickets. Let us further suppose that "alice" is a system administrator. Alice and the other system administrators would have their principals in root's .k5login file on each host: alice@BLEEP.COM joeadmin/root@BLEEP.COM This would allow either system administrator to log in to these hosts using their Kerberos tickets instead of having to type the root pass- word. Note that because "bob" retains the Kerberos tickets for his own principal, "bob@FUBAR.ORG", he would not have any of the privileges that require alice's tickets, such as root access to any of the site's hosts, or the ability to change alice's password. SEE ALSO
telnet(1), rlogin(1), rsh(1), rcp(1), ksu(1), telnetd(8), klogind(8) .K5LOGIN(5)

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