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Top Forums Web Development I can't open my index.php page after insert php code Post 302355162 by metalfreakbr on Monday 21st of September 2009 08:17:28 PM
Old 09-21-2009
Question I can't open my index.php page after insert php code

Hello guys,
Does anyone can help me?
I've just made my simple index.php without any code, but after insert session code to check if any user is authenticated, my index.php doesn't work anymore.
Any fresh eyes could help me to see what and where the code is wrong?
                    if ($_POST['entrar']=='Entrar!')
                        $result = mysql_query('select log_nome,senha from usuarios where log_nome="'.trim($nome).'";',$conexao);
                        if (mysql_num_rows($result)>0)
                         $usuSenha = mysql_result($result,0,senha);
                         $usuSenha = 'notuser';
                         if ($result and ($senha==$usuSenha) and ($usuSenha<>'notuser'))
                          echo '<p align="center">';
                          echo '<font style="Tahoma" size=4>';
                          echo $nome.'</font><BR>';
                          echo '<font style="Tahoma" size=2>';
                          echo 'Você está on-line</font>';
                          echo '</p>';
                          echo 'Usuário não autorizado';
                         echo '<form method="post" name="logar" action="">
                         <font style="Tahoma" size=1>
                               Nome: <input type="text" name="nome" value="" size="15"><BR>
                               Senha: <input type="text" name="senha" value="" size="15"><BR>
                         <p align="center">
                         <input onmouseover=this.style.cursor="hand" type="submit"
                         name="entrar" value="Entrar!" STYLE="border:0; height:18;
                         width=50; background:#E8F3FD">

I'll apreciate any kind of help.

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PHAR.SETSTUB(3) 							 1							   PHAR.SETSTUB(3)

Phar::setStub - Used to set the PHP loader or bootstrap stub of a Phar archive

public bool Phar::setStub (string $stub, [int $len = -1]) DESCRIPTION
Note This method requires the php.ini setting phar.readonly to be set to 0 in order to work for Phar objects. Otherwise, a PharException will be thrown. This method is used to add a PHP bootstrap loader stub to a new Phar archive, or to replace the loader stub in an existing Phar archive. The loader stub for a Phar archive is used whenever an archive is included directly as in this example: <?php include 'myphar.phar'; ?> The loader is not accessed when including a file through the phar stream wrapper like so: <?php include 'phar://myphar.phar/somefile.php'; ?> PARAMETERS
o $stub - A string or an open stream handle to use as the executable stub for this phar archive. o $len - RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. ERRORS
/EXCEPTIONS UnexpectedValueException is thrown if phar.readonly is enabled in php.ini. PharException is thrown if any problems are encountered flushing changes to disk. EXAMPLES
Example #1 A Phar.setStub(3) example <?php try { $p = new Phar(dirname(__FILE__) . '/brandnewphar.phar', 0, 'brandnewphar.phar'); $p['a.php'] = '<?php var_dump("Hello");'; $p->setStub('<?php var_dump("First"); Phar::mapPhar("brandnewphar.phar"); __HALT_COMPILER(); ?>'); include 'phar://brandnewphar.phar/a.php'; var_dump($p->getStub()); $p['b.php'] = '<?php var_dump("World");'; $p->setStub('<?php var_dump("Second"); Phar::mapPhar("brandnewphar.phar"); __HALT_COMPILER(); ?>'); include 'phar://brandnewphar.phar/b.php'; var_dump($p->getStub()); } catch (Exception $e) { echo 'Write operations failed on brandnewphar.phar: ', $e; } ?> The above example will output: string(5) "Hello" string(82) "<?php var_dump("First"); Phar::mapPhar("brandnewphar.phar"); __HALT_COMPILER(); ?>" string(5) "World" string(83) "<?php var_dump("Second"); Phar::mapPhar("brandnewphar.phar"); __HALT_COMPILER(); ?>" CHANGELOG
+--------+------------------------+ |Version | | | | | | | Description | | | | +--------+------------------------+ | 5.4.0 | | | | | | | Added $len parameter. | | | | +--------+------------------------+ SEE ALSO
Phar.getStub(3), Phar.createDefaultStub(3). PHP Documentation Group PHAR.SETSTUB(3)

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