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Operating Systems AIX Nim Post 302355115 by lo-lp-kl on Monday 21st of September 2009 02:03:59 PM
Old 09-21-2009


I would like to hear your opinions about shell and nimsh

I install the nim master on a server and and client nim on others servers. I backup this clients with the NIM master.

When Im trying to install the clients with the option nimsh (communication protocol) send me an error

0042-001 nim: processing error encountered on "master":
   0042-006 m_mkbosi: (From_Master) connect Error 0

rshd: 0826-813 Permission is denied

Then I have to do with shell and everthing its fine.

My question its about the difference about shell and nimsh. strengths and weakness about both communication protocol.

thanks for your comments

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nisbackup(1M)						  System Administration Commands					     nisbackup(1M)

nisbackup - backup NIS+ directories SYNOPSIS
nisbackup [-v] backup-dir directory... nisbackup [-v] -a backup-dir DESCRIPTION
nisbackup backs up a NIS+ directory object on a NIS+ master server. Updates to the NIS+ database will be temporarily disabled while nis- backup is running. The backup-dir is a UNIX directory that must exist prior to running nisbackup. The nisbackup command can be used to backup an individual NIS+ directory object or all ( -a) of the NIS+ directory objects served by a master server. The NIS+ directory objects being backed up will be placed into subdirectories under the backup-dir directory. These subdirectories are named according to the NIS+ directory object they contain. nisbackup operates on individual NIS+ directory objects (for example, This allows an administrator to selectively backup specific directories. The rpc.nisd(1M) process must be running on the master server with a stable NIS+ database for nisbackup to complete. nisbackup will not attempt to correct any corruption in the NIS+ database, so it is important that backups be done regularly as part of the NIS+ administra- tion. The first synopsis is used to backup a single NIS+ directory object or a list of NIS+ directory objects. The objects can be partially qual- ified or fully qualified. The machine on which the command is executing must be the master for the NIS+ directory objects specified. The second synopsis will backup all of the NIS+ directory objects that are served by this master. The -a option is the recommended method of backing up a master server, since it will backup all NIS+ directory objects that are served by this master. If this server is a master server for more than one domain, the backup will include NIS+ directories that belong to all of the domains served. Individual NIS+ direc- tory objects can be selected for restoring from a backup-dir created with the -a option. See nisrestore(1M). The -a option only includes directory objects for which this server is the master. It is possible, but not recommended, to configure a master server as a replica for other domains. The objects belonging to those replicated domains will not be backed up with the -a option. The backup of replicated objects must be run on the master server for those objects. Do not use the same backup-dir to backup different master servers. Each master server must have its own backup-dir. nisbackup will set the rpc.nisd(1M) to read only mode, which will disable updates to the NIS+ database. This is neccessary to ensure the consistency of the backup. For this reason, nisbackup should not be run while large numbers of updates are being applied to the NIS+ data- base. Update utilities such as nisaddent(1M) should not be run simultaneously with nisbackup. OPTIONS
-a Creates a backup of all NIS+ directory objects for which this server is a master. -v Verbose option. Additional output will be produced and sent to syslog(3C) upon execution of the command (see syslog.conf(4)). OPERANDS
backup-dir The directory into which the subdirectories containing the backed up objects are placed. This must be created prior to running nisbackup. directory The NIS+ directory object(s) being backed up. EXAMPLES
Example 1: Backup of the org_dir NIS+ directory object of the domain on a master server to a directory named /backup To backup the org_dir NIS+ directory object of the domain on a master server to a directory named /backup: master_server# nisbackup /backup Example 2: Backup of the entire NIS+ domain to a directory named /backup To backup the entire NIS+ domain to a directory named /backup: master_server# nisbackup /backup Example 3: Backup of an entire NIS+ database to a backup directory named /backup To backup an entire NIS+ database to a backup directory named /backup: master_server# nisbackup -a /backup EXIT STATUS
0 Successful completion. 1 An error occurred. FILES
/backup-dir/backup_list This ascii file contains a list of all the objects contained in this backup-dir directory. /backup-dir/directory-object A subdirectory that is created in the backup-dir that contains the NIS+ directory-object backup. /backup-dir/directory-object/data A subdirectory that contains the data files that are part of the NIS+ directory-object backup. /backup-dir/directory-object/last.upd This data file contains timestamp information about the directory-object. /backup-dir/directory-object/data.dict A NIS+ data dictionary for all of the objects contained in the NIS+ directory-object backup. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWnisu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
nis+(1), nisdefaults(1), nisrm(1), nisrestore(1M), rpc.nisd(1M), syslog(3C), nisfiles(4), syslog.conf(4), attributes(5) NOTES
NIS+ might not be supported in future releases of the SolarisTM Operating Environment. Tools to aid the migration from NIS+ to LDAP are available in the Solaris 9 operating environment. For more information, visit SunOS 5.10 12 Dec 2001 nisbackup(1M)

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