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Full Discussion: Make a Copy Entire Hard Disk
Operating Systems SCO Make a Copy Entire Hard Disk Post 302353222 by iqbal_siddiqui on Tuesday 15th of September 2009 12:17:41 AM
Old 09-15-2009
Dear jgt,

Thanks for your reply. Forgive me for my very basic understanding of computers. I would want to try the Norton Ghost option, as others are seemingly difficult for me to understand.

Yes the machine has an IDE drive with HTFS partition. The first step of booting with Win95/Win98 diskette is OK. How do we do the next step? from where do we run Norton Ghost?


Originally Posted by jgt
Assuming for the moment that the system has an IDE hard drive, the simplest way is to add a second IDE drive, and use Norton Ghost to duplicate the drive, by booting from a DOS/Win95/Win98 diskette. Do not attempt to change the partition size, as this function of Ghost is not supported.
If you have a SCSI system, then you can use the same process if:
1 you have a DOS driver for the SCSI host adapter,
2 you have a disk with the same number of heads and sectors per track.
3 you know how to install a scsi disk

There are ways to do this using SCO unix, read the installation manual about adding a second hard drive, run mkdev hd, but skip the divvy section, and use "dd" to copy /dev/hd0a to /dev/hd1a
You could also purchase Microlite Edge from Home of Microlite BackupEDGE / RecoverEDGE, and then use its backup and recovery features.

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dms(8)							      System Manager's Manual							    dms(8)

       dms - diskless management services utility


       The  utility  performs  diskless  management services.  You can use to install products into diskless management services areas on a server
       machine and register diskless clients so that they can access those products on the server machine, rather than having each client  install
       the  products  to a disk on its local machine.  The server machine can be either a VAX or a RISC machine and it can serve both VAX and RISC

       Before you set up a diskless management services area on a server, the following software should be installed: Local  Area  Network  (LAN);
       Network File System (NFS); and Maintenance Operations Protocol (MOP).

       The utility performs the following functions:

       a - Add Client Processor

       m - Modify Client Parameters

       r - Remove Client Processor

       l - List Registered Clients

       s - Show Products in Diskless Environments

       i - Install Software

       c - Create Diskless Area on Disk

       k - Kernel Rebuild or Copy

       To set up a diskless management services area on a server, select functions in the following order:

       1.   Create Diskless Area on Disk (c)

	      This sets up the disk partitions needed for the two diskless management services file systems, and (The question mark (?) represents
	      a unique number assigned by The file system contains a common root area that is copied to each client when it is registered,  and  a
	      area  that  is  shared  by  all  the  clients.  The file system contains a copy of the common root area for each registered diskless

       2.   Install Software (i)

	      This installs the products from the distribution media to the file system.  If the product will be  accessed  by	VAX  clients,  the
	      images  from the media are put under a directory under the file system.  If the product will be accessed by RISC clients, the images
	      from the media will be put under a directory under the file system.  The question mark (?) represents a unique number assigned by

       To register a diskless client, select the Add Client Processor option (a).  This copies the common root area in the file system, for  exam-
       ple,  to  the  diskless	client's directory in the file system, for example, The server's file is updated to allow the client to access its
       individual root and the shared area.

       Each diskless client's area also contains a client parameter file,

       You must use interactively to set up a diskless environment or to modify client parameters.

       There are several functions you can use either interactively or from the command line:

       - Add Client Processor

       - Show Products in Diskless Environments

       - Remove Client Processor

       - Kernel Rebuild

       When the first diskless client is registered for a diskless management services area, a database file, is created on  the  server  machine.
       You can use this file and the command line to manage groups of diskless clients.

See Also
       exports(5nfs), addnode(8), setld(8)
       Guide to Diskless Management Services
       Guide to Server Setup


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