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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting how to parse the file in xml format using awk/nawk Post 302353058 by ripat on Monday 14th of September 2009 12:00:58 PM
Old 09-14-2009
To the OP: are you sure of the XML data. If you look carefully, some closing tag are missing.


If I recall, some clever awk fans have developed XML parser modules. I will have a look and post the link if I find it back.

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Here you go:
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STAG-SPLITTER(1p)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					 STAG-SPLITTER(1p)

stag-splitter - splits a stag file into multiple files SYNOPSIS
stag-splitter -split person -name social_security_no file.xml DESCRIPTION
Splits a file using a user specified parser (default xml) around a specified split node, naming each file according to the name argument the files will be named anonymously, unless the '-name' switch is specified; this will use the value of the specified element as the filename eg; if we have <top> <a> <b>foo</b> <c>yah</c> <d> <e>xxx</e> </d> </a> <a> <b>bar</b> <d> <e>wibble</e> </d> </a> </top> if we run stag-splitter -split a -name b it will generate two files, "foo.xml" and "bar.xml" input format can be 'xml', 'sxpr' or 'itext' - if this is left blank the format will be guessed from the file suffix the output format defaults to the same as the input format, but another can be chosen. files go in the current directory, but this can be overridden with the '-dir' switch USAGE
stag-splitter [-split <ELEMENT-NAME>] [-name <ELEMENT-NAME>] [-dir <DIR>] [-format <INPUT-FORMAT>] [-outformat <OUTPUT-FORMAT>] <FILENAMES> -p|parser FORMAT FORMAT is one of xml, sxpr or itext, or the name of a perl module xml assumed as default -w|writer FORMAT FORMAT is one of xml, sxpr or itext, or the name of a perl module -split|s NODE node to split on -name|n NODE field/element to use when naming files will use surrogate IDs if this argument not specified -dir|d DIR write files to this directory perl v5.10.0 2008-12-23 STAG-SPLITTER(1p)

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