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Full Discussion: Putty Login - with Batch?
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Putty Login - with Batch? Post 302353055 by swame_sp on Monday 14th of September 2009 11:31:20 AM
Old 09-14-2009
Question Putty Login - with Batch?

Hello Everybody,

I have a question on the UNIX server login with putty.
Can this login procedure into PUTTY be automated with a macro or vbs or batch file?

Kindly help me in directing me for the above.

Thanks for the help,

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CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Controller::Login(3pm)		User Contributed Perl Documentation	    CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Controller::Login(3pm)

CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Controller::Login - Configurable login controller SYNOPSIS
# For simple useage exmple, see CatalystX::SimpleLogin, this is a # full config example __PACKAGE__->config( 'Controller::Login' => { traits => [ 'WithRedirect', # Optional, enables redirect-back feature '-RenderAsTTTemplate', # Optional, allows you to use your own template ], actions => { login => { # Also optional PathPart => ['theloginpage'], # Change login action to /theloginpage }, }, }, ); See CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Form::Login for configuring the form. DESCRIPTION
Controller base class which exists to have login roles composed onto it for the login and logout actions. ATTRIBUTES
login_form_class A class attribute containing the class of the form to be initialised. One can override it in a derived class with the class of a new form, possibly subclassing CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Form::Login. For example: package MyApp::Controller::Login; use Moose; extends('CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Controller::Login'); has '+login_form_class' => ( default => "MyApp::Form::Login", ); 1; login_form_class_roles An attribute containing an array reference of roles to be consumed by the form. One can override it in a similar way to "login_form_class": package MyApp::Controller::Login; use Moose; extends('CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Controller::Login'); has '+login_form_class_roles' => ( default => sub { [qw(MyApp::FormRole::Foo MyApp::FormRole::Bar)] }, ); 1; METHODS
BUILD Cause form instance to be built at application startup. do_post_login_redirect This method does a post-login redirect. TODO for BOBTFISH - should it even be public? If it does need to be public, then document it because the Pod coverage test failed. login Login action. login_redirect Redirect to the login action. login_GET Displays the login form login_POST Processes a submitted login form, and if correct, logs the user in and redirects not_required A stub action that is anchored at the root of the site ("/") and does not require registration (hence the name). redirect_after_login_uri If you are using WithRedirect (i.e. by default), then this methd is overridden to redirect the user back to the page they intially hit which required authentication. Note that even if the original URI was a post, then the redirect back will only be a GET. If you choose NOT to compose the WithRedirect trait, then you can set the uri users are redirected to with the "redirect_after_login_uri" config key, or by overriding the redirect_after_login_uri method in your own login controller if you need custom logic. render_login_form Renders the login form. By default it just calls the form's render method. If you want to do something different, like rendering the form with a template through your view, this is the place to hook into. required A stub action that is anchored at the root of the site ("/") and does require registration (hence the name). SEE ALSO
CatalystX::SimpleLogin::TraitFor::Controller::Login::WithRedirect CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Form::Login AUTHORS
See CatalystX::SimpleLogin for authors. LICENSE
See CatalystX::SimpleLogin for license. perl v5.14.2 2012-07-15 CatalystX::SimpleLogin::Controller::Login(3pm)

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