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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Newbie needs help with Xlib / X11 programming,dunno who to ask,but you :( Post 302352648 by megane16v on Saturday 12th of September 2009 02:20:49 PM
Old 09-12-2009
LoL you made me feel like i did some crime by showing some appreciation to gu... well colleague Smilie If this is really knowledge base,maybe you (mr.moderator) could help me find how to translate object code file into .exe using gcc. Thanks! Smilie

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programming question from a newbie, please help

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Programming Newbie Chick

OK, so I'm trying to finish my last individual assignment for this course, and it's the first time I've visited a forum (I've actually understood UNIX up to this point). I am having trouble with this one. I have to write a program that prompts the user to type their first name and stores it in a... (3 Replies)
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Good source of X11 programming info?

Is there a good book or something on practical programming in X11? I have the O'Reilly X window system book set. They don't seem to cover the nuances very well (at least for me). So far the only thing I find on the web is the text from these books. Specifically, I'm looking for optimization... (2 Replies)
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perl newbie . &&..programming newbie (question 2)

Hello everyone, I am having to do a lot of perl scripting these days and I am learning a lot. I have this problem I want to move files from a folder and all its sub folders to one parent folder, they are all .gz files.. there is folder1\folder2\*.gz and there are about 50 folders... (1 Reply)
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perl newbie . &&..programming newbie

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Xlib programming - Emulating left click press/released

Hi, Lately my university asked me to develop an application to be installed on some computers for the disabled. I've developed a head tracking software (it moves the cursor on the screen following your head's movements using a webcam), and it works greatly so far except for a missing feature.... (2 Replies)
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Programming newbie -help!!

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Restacking x11/Xlib Window

I have a full screen top level window (application) on Solaris 10. We have a minimal window manager (DTWM), because of the critical nature of the app. On top of the first application, we have another application with a top level window, that covers the upper left area of the first application. Now,... (0 Replies)
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Low level X11 programming

How to use X11 without Xlib not XCB? How draw window directly on low level? I must use anyway window manager like Motif? I have ridden that X11 has server-client architecture, client send via TCP/IP to port 6000 request for primitives and get replies. Where is detailed description of it? In X11... (0 Replies)
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MOTIF programming and X11 client !

Hi there , i am interesting in MOTIF programming. One question : Is it right that in Motif GUI programming the actions are automaticly transformed and networked to other clients over the internet without network programming necessary ? Are the commands automatic transformed by the X11... (4 Replies)
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Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Notification::CommentNeedsModeraUser(Contributed Perl DocJifty::Plugin::Comment::Notification::CommentNeedsModeration(3pm)

Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Notification::CommentNeedsModeration - new comments made, but not published SYNOPSIS
To activate this notification, you must override the notification in your application. use strict; use warnings; package MyApp::Notification::CommentNeedsModeration; use base qw/ Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Notification::CommentNeedsModeration /; sub setup { my $self = shift; # Limit to users that have a "moderator" column set to 1 my $users = MyApp::Model::UserCollection->new; $users->limit( column => 'moderator', value => 1 ); $self->to_list(@{ $users->items_array_ref }); $self->SUPER::setup(@_); } sub url { my $self = shift; return Jifty->config->framework('Web')->{'BaseURL'} . $self->parent->permalink . '#comment-'.$self->comment->id; } 1; DESCRIPTION
This notificaiton (when properly configured) is sent out to any who need to know when a comment has been created, but not published because Net::Akismet has marked it as spam. METHODS
setup This method sets up the notification. This method should be overridden to setup "to_list" in Jifty::Notification to select who will receive this message. See the "SYNOPSIS". comment This will contain the Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Model::Comment that has been published. parent This will contain the object that the comment has been attached to. url THis returns the URL that the message will link to. This should be overridden to provide application-specific URLs. The default implementation returns the BaseURL setting for the application. SEE ALSO
Jifty::Notification, Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Notification::CommentPublished AUTHOR
Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp, "<hanenkamp@cpan.org>" COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE
Copyright 2008 Boomer Consulting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This program is free software and may be modified and distributed under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.12.4 2009-03-09 Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Notification::CommentNeedsModeration(3pm)

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