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Ad hoc (untested):

cp -rfv [blabla] 1> transfer.log 2> errors.log

Test Your Knowledge in Computers #491
Difficulty: Easy
In general, interpreted languages are slower than compiled languages.
True or False?
Mojo::Log(3pm)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					    Mojo::Log(3pm)

Mojo::Log - Simple logger SYNOPSIS
use Mojo::Log; # Log to STDERR my $log = Mojo::Log->new; # Customize log file location and minimum log level my $log = Mojo::Log->new(path => '/var/log/mojo.log', level => 'warn'); # Log messages $log->debug("Why isn't this working?"); $log->info("FYI: it happened again"); $log->warn("This might be a problem"); $log->error("Garden variety error"); $log->fatal("Boom!"); DESCRIPTION
Mojo::Log is a simple logger for Mojo projects. EVENTS
Mojo::Log can emit the following events. "message" $log->on(message => sub { my ($log, $level, @messages) = @_; ... }); Emitted when a new message gets logged. $log->unsubscribe('message'); $log->on(message => sub { my ($log, $level, @messages) = @_; say "$level: ", @messages; }); ATTRIBUTES
Mojo::Log implements the following attributes. "handle" my $handle = $log->handle; $log = $log->handle(IO::Handle->new); Log file handle used by default "message" event, defaults to opening "path" or "STDERR". "level" my $level = $log->level; $log = $log->level('debug'); Active log level, defaults to the value of the "MOJO_LOG_LEVEL" environment variable or "debug". These levels are currently available: "debug" "info" "warn" "error" "fatal" "path" my $path = $log->path $log = $log->path('/var/log/mojo.log'); Log file path used by "handle". METHODS
Mojo::Log inherits all methods from Mojo::EventEmitter and implements the following new ones. "new" my $log = Mojo::Log->new; Construct a new Mojo::Log object and subscribe to "message" event with default logger. "debug" $log = $log->debug('You screwed up, but that is ok'); Log debug message. "error" $log = $log->error('You really screwed up this time'); Log error message. "fatal" $log = $log->fatal('Its over...'); Log fatal message. "format" my $message = $log->format('debug', 'Hi there!'); my $message = $log->format('debug', 'Hi', 'there!'); Format log message. "info" $log = $log->info('You are bad, but you prolly know already'); Log info message. "is_level" my $success = $log->is_level('debug'); Check log level. "is_debug" my $success = $log->is_debug; Check for debug log level. "is_error" my $success = $log->is_error; Check for error log level. "is_fatal" my $success = $log->is_fatal; Check for fatal log level. "is_info" my $success = $log->is_info; Check for info log level. "is_warn" my $success = $log->is_warn; Check for warn log level. "log" $log = $log->log(debug => 'This should work'); Emit "message" event. "warn" $log = $log->warn('Dont do that Dave...'); Log warn message. SEE ALSO
Mojolicious, Mojolicious::Guides, <>. perl v5.14.2 2012-09-05 Mojo::Log(3pm)

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