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Operating Systems Solaris time difference on solaris 10 Post 302352212 by vgersh99 on Thursday 10th of September 2009 06:16:05 PM
Old 09-10-2009
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ODFHIGHLIGHT(1p)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					  ODFHIGHLIGHT(1p)

odfhighlight - search, replace and highlight text in a document SYNOPSIS
odfhighlight "source.odt" "search string" -r "replacement" -o "target.odt" replaces "search string" by "replacement" in the file "source.odt", highlights each replacement with a yellow (default) backgound, then writes the resulting document as "target.odt" odfhighlight "myfile.odt" "search string" -color "green" highlights each occurrence of "search string" in "myfile.odt" with a green background color, without changing the text (without "-o" option, the changes apply to "myfile.odt" ARGUMENTS AND OPTIONS
Default behaviour With the "minimal" command line, with only a filename and a string as arguments, each matching string is highlighted with a yellow background and represented with the "Standard" style. Options -e --encoding "xxxxxx" character set to use, if different from the default -r --replacement "new string" "new string" is used as a replacement for "search string" -c --color "code" an RGB color code, expressed either as the concatenation of 3 comma-separated decimal values (each one in the range 0..255, ex: "72,61,139" for a dark slate blue), or a 6-digit hexadecimal number, preceded by a "#" (ex: #00ff00 for green) or, if a colormap is available and known in your OpenOffice::OODoc installation, a symbolic color name (ex: "sky blue") -s --stylename "name" the name of the color style (default: "MyHighlight"); the user must provide a style name that is not already in use in the document -p --property "property=value" This option can be repeated; each occurrence gives an additional property for the highlight style (font name, size, foreground color, ...). For example, with the combination of -p 'fo:color=#ff0000' and -p 'fo:font-size=18pt', the highlighted text will be made of 18pt-sized, red characters. In order to master these options, you should have some knowledge of the Form Objects (FO) vocabulary that is used in the OpenDocument specification. -o --output "filename" -t --target "filename" an alternative filename to save the modified document, when the source document must remain unchanged perl v5.14.2 2010-01-11 ODFHIGHLIGHT(1p)

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