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Full Discussion: Read data in XML file
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Read data in XML file Post 302352178 by swame_sp on Thursday 10th of September 2009 03:22:49 PM
Old 09-10-2009

Wow, terrific.... Thanks Franklin52
BTW, I'm trying to learn how it works....
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Read xml file

Iam new to shell script. How to read xmlfile using shellscript(without awk),and Store record by record in file . My xml file: <root> <header> <HeaderData1>header1</HeaderData1> <HeaderData2>header2</HeaderData2> </header> <detailsRecord> ... (2 Replies)
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Read elements of a xml file??????

Hi, What is a good way to read elements of an xml file? i did try xmllint it doesnt provide a function to output values of a tree. In the below example when i specify from Family2 I need the name of the father then the output should be DAVE. Appreciate any help provided in this regards. Many... (6 Replies)
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3. Shell Programming and Scripting

read and write to xml file

hi i am quite new to shell scripting and need help in reading and writing in xml file i have an xml file with format: <main> <store> <name>ABC</name> <flag>0</flag> <size>123<size> </store> <store> <name>DEF</name> ... (2 Replies)
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script to read XML file

Dear All, I have one log file and it contains lot of XML as below. ... (1 Reply)
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Help on awk to read xml file

Hello, I have a xml file as shown below. I want to parse the file and store data in variables. xml file looks like: <TEST NAME="DataBaseurl">jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:ora10</TEST> <TEST NAME="Databaseuser">Pradeep</TEST> ...... and many other such lines i want to read this file and... (2 Replies)
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To read a flat file containing XML data

I have a file something like this:aaaa.xml content of the file is 0,<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <storeInformation xmlns:xsi=""> <s> <BRANCH_NO>3061</BRANCH_NO> <BRANCH_NAME>GREEN EXPRESS</BRANCH_NAME> ... (4 Replies)
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Read file excluding XML in it

Hi , I have a file like below.I want all the content in a single line excluding the XML.How can i proceed? t=21 y=23 rg=xyz ..... <xmlstarts> . . <xmlends> lk=99 lo=09 (3 Replies)
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Shell Script to read XML tags and the data within that tag

Hi unix Gurus, I am really new to Unix Scripting. Please help me to create a shell script which reads the xml file and from that i need to fetch a particular information. For example <SOURCE BUSINESSNAME ="" DATABASETYPE ="Teradata" DBDNAME ="DWPROD3" DESCRIPTION ="" NAME... (2 Replies)
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In PErl script: need to read the data one file and generate multiple files based on the data

We have the data looks like below in a log file. I want to generat files based on the string between two hash(#) symbol like below Source: #ext1#test1.tale2 drop #ext1#test11.tale21 drop #ext1#test123.tale21 drop #ext2#test1.tale21 drop #ext2#test12.tale21 drop #ext3#test11.tale21 drop... (5 Replies)
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