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Full Discussion: TTY Insane
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers TTY Insane Post 302351439 by edfair on Tuesday 8th of September 2009 02:21:06 PM
Old 09-08-2009
Still open whether I'm correct or not. Serial is funny sometimes.
I would suspect that your issue was from one of the computers to the blackbox. Just supposin, since blackbox stuff has always been rock solid when I've dealt with them.
But you also have issues with timings. If clocks drift a little off things go bad. There usually is enough play at the end of the character to handle it. Combine some drift with some rc degredation and the line receivers may not be flipped in time for the UART to read correctly in the middle of the bit time.
I've got a permanent scar on my forehead from beating against those issues. Well, psychologically at least.

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CHRONY(1)							   User's Manual							 CHRONY(1)

chrony - programs for keeping computer clocks accurate SYNOPSIS
chrony is a pair of programs for keeping computer clocks accurate. chronyd is a background (daemon) program and chronyc is a command-line interface to it. Time reference sources for chronyd can be RFC1305 NTP servers, human (via keyboard and chronyc), or the computer's real- time clock at boot time (Linux only). chronyd can determine the rate at which the computer gains or loses time and compensate for it while no external reference is present. Its use of NTP servers can be switched on and off (through chronyc) to support computers with dial- up/intermittent access to the Internet, and it can also act as an RFC1305-compatible NTP server. USAGE
chronyc is a command-line interface program which can be used to monitor chronyd's performance and to change various operating parameters whilst it is running. chronyd's main function is to obtain measurements of the true (UTC) time from one of several sources, and correct the system clock accord- ingly. It also works out the rate at which the system clock gains or loses time and uses this information to keep it accurate between mea- surements from the reference. The reference time can be derived from either Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers, reference clocks, or wristwatch-and-keyboard (via chronyc). The main source of information about the Network Time Protocol is http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~ntp. It is designed so that it can work on computers which only have intermittent access to reference sources, for example computers which use a dial-up account to access the Internet. Of course, it will work on computers with permanent connections too. In addition, for Linux 2.0.x (for x >= 32) or 2.2 onwards, chronyd can monitor the system's real time clock performance, so the system can maintain accurate time even across reboots. Typical accuracies available between 2 machines are On an ethernet LAN : 100-200 microseconds, often much better On a V32bis dial-up modem connection : 10's of milliseconds (from one session to the next) With a good reference clock the accuracy can reach one microsecond. chronyd can also operate as an RFC1305-compatible NTP server and peer. SEE ALSO
chronyc(1), chrony(1) http://chrony.tuxfamily.org/ AUTHOR
Richard Curnow <rc@rc0.org.uk> This man-page was written by Jan Schaumann <jschauma@netmeister.org> as part of "The Missing Man Pages Project". Please see http://www.netmeister.org/misc/m2p2/index.html for details. The complete chrony documentation is supplied in texinfo format. chrony December 04, 2009 CHRONY(1)

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