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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Scripting neophyte needs file manipulation assistance Post 302350652 by LambdaCalculus on Friday 4th of September 2009 12:50:13 PM
Old 09-04-2009
Scripting neophyte needs file manipulation assistance

I need to write two shell scripts for an rsync backup solution. The first script will copy all backed up files into a folder named after the original folder, plus a date stamp (so e.g. if the original folder name is 'foo' and is backed up on the 10th of September, then the backup folder will be 'foo0910'.)

The second script will monitor the number of backed up folders created, and will automatically delete the oldest folder after seven are created. Thus, there will always be seven backups, with the oldest always deleted to make room for the newest.

While I know it's a simple task to write both scripts (or even combine them as one), I'm not very good at scripting yet and am looking for a little advice on how best to write the script. These scripts will be running on our rsync server, so I only have the most basic of commands to work with; the commands I have at my disposal are dd, cp, ls, mkdir, pwd, chmod, chgrp, ln, mv, rm, rmdir, touch, tail, groups, id, passwd and quota
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rmm(1)							      General Commands Manual							    rmm(1)

rmm - remove messages (only available within the message handling system, mh) SYNOPSIS
rmm [+folder] [msgs] [-help] OPTIONS
Prints a list of the valid options to this command. The default settings for this command are: +folder defaults to the current folder msgs defaults to the current message DESCRIPTION
The rmm command deletes the current message from the current folder. You can specify messages and folders other than the current ones by using the +folder and msgs arguments. The current message is not changed by rmm, so a next will advance to the next message in the folder as expected. If you have defined a component rmmproc: in your file, then instead of simply renaming the message file, rmm will call the named program to delete the file. The rmm command removes messages by renaming the message files with a preceding comma. Many sites consider files that start with a comma to be a temporary backup, and arrange for cron(8) to remove such files once a day. PROFILE COMPONENTS
Path: To determine your Mail directory rmmproc: Program to delete the message FILES
The user profile. SEE ALSO
rmf(1) rmm(1)

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