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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Comparing 2 csv files and matching content Post 302349093 by Klashxx on Monday 31st of August 2009 05:34:19 AM
Old 08-31-2009
This works for me:
> cat csv-file1
1111,1111,aaa1, aaa2, aaan
2222,2222,aaa1, bbb2, bbbn
3333,3333,aaa1, ccc2, cccn
4444,4444,bbb1, bbb2,  bbbn
5555,5555,zzz1, zzz2,  zzzn
> cat csv-file2
aaa1, matchvalue1
ccc1, matchvalue2
bbb1, matchvalue3
> nawk 'NR==FNR{a[$1]=","$2;next}{$0=$0""a[$3]}1' FS=',' csv-file2 csv-file1
1111,1111,aaa1, aaa2, aaan, matchvalue1
2222,2222,aaa1, bbb2, bbbn, matchvalue1
3333,3333,aaa1, ccc2, cccn, matchvalue1
4444,4444,bbb1, bbb2,  bbbn, matchvalue3
5555,5555,zzz1, zzz2,  zzzn

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Text::CSV::Encoded::Coder::EncodeGuess(3pm)		User Contributed Perl Documentation	       Text::CSV::Encoded::Coder::EncodeGuess(3pm)

Text::CSV::Encoded::Coder::EncodeGuess - Text::CSV::Encoded coder class using Encode::Guess SYNOPSIS
use Text::CSV::Encoded coder_class => 'Text::CSV::Encoded::Coder::EncodeGuess'; use Spreadsheet::ParseExcel; my $csv = Text::CSV::Encoded->new(); $csv->encoding( ['ucs2', 'ascii'] ); # guessing ucs2 or ascii? $csv->encoding_to_combine('shiftjis'); my $excel = Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Workbook->Parse( $file ); my $sheet = $excel->{Worksheet}->[0]; for my $row ( $sheet->{MinRow} .. $sheet->{MaxRow} ) { my @fields; for my $col ( $sheet->{MinCol} .. $sheet->{MaxCol} ) { my $cell = $sheet->{Cells}[$row][$col]; push @fields, $cell->{Val}; } $csv->combine( @fields ) or die; print $csv->string, " "; } DESCRIPTION
This module is inherited from Text::CSV::Encoded::Coder::Encode. USE
Except for 2 attributes, same as Text::CSV::Encoded::Coder::Encode. encoding_in $csv = $csv->encoding_in( $encoding_list_ref ); The accessor to an encoding for pre-parsing CSV strings. If no encoding is given, returns current $encoding, otherwise the object itself. $encoding_list_ref = $csv->encoding_in() When you pass a list reference, it might guess the encoding from the given list. $csv->encoding_in( ['shiftjis', 'euc-jp', 'iso-20022-jp'] ); If it cannot guess the encoding, the first encoding of the list is used. encoding $csv = $csv->encoding( $encoding_list_ref ); $encoding_list_ref = $csv->encoding(); You can pass a list reference to this attribute only: * For list data consumed by combine(). * For list reference returned by getline(). In other word, in "combine" and "print", it might guess an encoding for the passing list data. If it cannot guess the encoding, the first encoding of the list is used. SEE ALSO
Encode, Encode::Guess AUTHOR
Makamaka Hannyaharamitu, <makamaka[at]> COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE
Copyright 2008-2010 by Makamaka Hannyaharamitu This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.14.2 2010-04-26 Text::CSV::Encoded::Coder::EncodeGuess(3pm)

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