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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need help Post 302348570 by vthokiefan on Friday 28th of August 2009 03:30:52 PM
Old 08-28-2009
Need help

I need to write a script to check to see if a co worker is logged into server when I get to work. I am new to Unix I know that I need to use the Who and grip command to check and an if statement. Can anyone help me?

Output needs to be

check and see if Bill is in

check and see if Bill is in

check and see if Bill is in
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checksecurity - Run a collection of simple system checks SYNOPSIS
checksecurity DESCRIPTION
The checksecurity command runs a small collection of simple system checks which are designed to catch a few common security issues. check- security is run by cron in a daily basis. CONFIGURATION
The checksecurity.conf file defines several configuration variables: MAILTO, CHECK_DISKFREE, CHECK_PASSWD and CHECK_SETUID LOGDIR. Each is described below. The checksecurity program works with a collection of plugins which are located in /usr/share/checksecurity and are configured individually by their own configuration file. CHECK_PASSWD If this is set to TRUE then the check-passwd script will be invoked. This script is designed to report upon system accounts which have no passwords. CHECK_DISKFREE If this is set to TRUE then the check-diskfree script will be invoked and will allow an alert to be sent if there is any mounted partition is running short on disk space. CHECK_SETUID If this is set to TRUE then the check-setuid script will be invoked, this will compare the setuid binaries upon the system to those that existed previously and show the differences. FILES
/etc/checksecurity.conf checksecurity configuration file SEE-ALSO See also check-diskfree(8), check-setuid(8), and check-passwd(8) Debian Linux 2 February 1997 CHECKSECURITY(8)

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