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Operating Systems Solaris setting date format in solaris Post 302348467 by jim mcnamara on Friday 28th of August 2009 10:15:10 AM
Old 08-28-2009
Solaris does not support
 date +%s

perl -e ' printf("%d\n", time);'


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Template::Alloy::Compile(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			     Template::Alloy::Compile(3pm)

Template::Alloy::Compile - Compile role - allows for compiling the AST to perl code DESCRIPTION
The Template::Alloy::Compile role allows for taking the AST returned by the Parse role, and translating it into a perl code document. This is in contrast Template::Alloy::Play which executes the AST directly. TODO
o Translate compile_RAWPERL to actually output rather than calling play_RAWPERL. ROLE METHODS
"compile_tree" Takes an AST returned by parse_tree and translates it into perl code using functions stored in the $DIRECTIVES hashref. A template that looked like the following: Foo [% GET foo %] [% GET bar %] Bar would parse to the following perl code: # Generated by Template::Alloy::Compile v1.001 on Thu Jun 7 12:58:33 2007 # From file /home/paul/bar.tt my $blocks = {}; my $meta = {}; my $code = sub { my ($self, $out_ref, $var) = @_; $$out_ref .= 'Foo'; # "GET" Line 2 char 2 (chars 6 to 15) $var = $self->play_expr(['foo', 0]); $$out_ref .= defined($var) ? $var : $self->undefined_get(['foo', 0]); # "GET" Line 3 char 2 (chars 22 to 31) $var = $self->play_expr(['bar', 0]); $$out_ref .= defined($var) ? $var : $self->undefined_get(['bar', 0]); $$out_ref .= 'Bar'; return 1; }; { blocks => $blocks, meta => $meta, code => $code, }; As you can see the output is quite a bit more complex than the AST, but under mod_perl conditions, the perl will run faster than playing the AST each time. "compile_expr" Takes an AST variable or expression and returns perl code that can lookup the variable. AUTHOR
Paul Seamons <paul at seamons dot com> LICENSE
This module may be distributed under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.10.1 2008-09-17 Template::Alloy::Compile(3pm)

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