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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting how to convert this file into comma delimited format Post 302348358 by zaxxon on Friday 28th of August 2009 04:25:56 AM
Old 08-28-2009
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Convert comma text file to Column in html format

I am trying to generate a report with below file : File1 : EQADM,edrtere9-phys,8122caef0,gpatmon,/bin/ksh,nuten Erick EQADM,edrtere11-phys,8227caef0,gpatmon,/bin/ksh,nuten Erick EQADM,edrtere3-phys,822caef0,gpatmon,/bin/ksh,nuten Erick can you help me convert it to html and add... (9 Replies)
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2. UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users

Urgent! need help! how to convert this file into comma delimited format

Hi experts, I need urget help! I have the a text file with this format: Types of fruits Name of fruits 1,1 Farm_no,1 apple,1 pineapple,1 grapes,1 orange,1 banana,1 2,2--->this is the record seperator Farm_no,2 apple,1 pineapple,1 grapes,3 orange,2 banana,1 3,3--->this is the... (2 Replies)
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3. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

How to convert a text file into tab delimited format?

I have a text file that made using text editor in Ubuntu. However the text file is not being recognized as space or tab delimited, the formatting seems to be messed up. How can I convert the text file into tab delimited format? (3 Replies)
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4. Shell Programming and Scripting

how to convert comma delimited file to tab separator

Hi all, How can i convert comma delimited .csv file to tab separate using sed command or script. Thanks, Krupa (4 Replies)
Discussion started by: krupasindhu18
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5. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

appending a command to print a file in a comma delimited format

Hi everyone, i have a file that I had grep'd from something else lets call it file1.txt which consists variable files and lines due to different scenarios/inputs 1782 9182 fe35 ac67 how can I print this in this manner? 1782,9182,fe35,ac67 also if i had piped the new output... (2 Replies)
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6. Shell Programming and Scripting

Need a script to convert comma delimited files to semi colon delimited

Hi All, I need a unix script to convert .csv files to .skv files (changing a comma delimited file to a semi colon delimited file). I am a unix newbie and so don't know where to start. The script will be scheduled using cron and needs to convert each .csv file in a particular folder to a .skv... (4 Replies)
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7. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

How to convert a comma delimited string to records or lines of text?

Hi, I am not sure if I've posted this question before. Anyway, I previously asked about converting lines of text into a comma delimited string. Now I am needing to do the other way around ... :( :o Can anyone advise how is this possible? Example as below: Converting records/lines to... (2 Replies)
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8. Shell Programming and Scripting

UNIX/PERL script to convert XML file to pipe delimited format

Hello, I need to get few values from a XML file and output needs to be written in another file with pipe delimited format. The Header & Footer of the Pipe Delimited file will be constant. The below is my sample XML file. I need to pull the values in between the XML tags <Operator_info to... (15 Replies)
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9. Shell Programming and Scripting

Linux convert Comma delimited file to pipe

I have file in linux with comma delimited and string fields in double quotations ", I need to convert them to pipe delimiter please share your inputs. Example: Input: "2017-09-30","ACBD,TVF","01234",NULL,18,NULL,"686091802","BANK OF ABCD, LIMITED, THE",790456 Output: ... (4 Replies)
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10. UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers

Need help on an old post - How to convert a comma delimited string to records or lines of text?

Hi, Apologies in advance to the moderator if I am posting this the wrong way. I've searched and found the solution to an old post but as it is a very old post, I don't see an option to update it with additional question. The question I have is in relation to the following post: How to... (6 Replies)
Discussion started by: newbie_01
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URI::URL(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					       URI::URL(3)

URI::URL - Uniform Resource Locators SYNOPSIS
$u1 = URI::URL->new($str, $base); $u2 = $u1->abs; DESCRIPTION
This module is provided for backwards compatibility with modules that depend on the interface provided by the "URI::URL" class that used to be distributed with the libwww-perl library. The following differences exist compared to the "URI" class interface: o The URI::URL module exports the url() function as an alternate constructor interface. o The constructor takes an optional $base argument. The "URI::URL" class is a subclass of "URI::WithBase". o The URI::URL->newlocal class method is the same as URI::file->new_abs. o URI::URL::strict(1) o $url->print_on method o $url->crack method o $url->full_path: same as ($uri->abs_path || "/") o $url->netloc: same as $uri->authority o $url->epath, $url->equery: same as $uri->path, $uri->query o $url->path and $url->query pass unescaped strings. o $url->path_components: same as $uri->path_segments (if you don't consider path segment parameters) o $url->params and $url->eparams methods o $url->base method. See URI::WithBase. o $url->abs and $url->rel have an optional $base argument. See URI::WithBase. o $url->frag: same as $uri->fragment o $url->keywords: same as $uri->query_keywords o $url->localpath and friends map to $uri->file. o $url->address and $url->encoded822addr: same as $uri->to for mailto URI o $url->groupart method for news URI o $url->article: same as $uri->message SEE ALSO
Copyright 1998-2000 Gisle Aas. perl v5.16.2 2012-02-11 URI::URL(3)

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