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Full Discussion: Comparing multiple variables
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Comparing multiple variables Post 302348330 by ripat on Friday 28th of August 2009 02:55:35 AM
Old 08-28-2009

I would go this way in ksh:

HOSTS[1]="host1 host2 host3 host11"
HOSTS[2]="host1 host2 host4"
HOSTS[3]="host2 host11"
HOSTS[4]="host2 host5 host6 host7 host8"

# declare array count as associative
typeset -A count

# loop through HOSTS array
for index in "${!HOSTS[@]}"; do

	# for each index, loop through value and increment assoc. array
	for host in ${HOSTS[$index]}; do

                # increment counter array

		# print host name if counter = number of indexes in HOSTS array
		if [[ ${count[$host]} = ${#HOSTS[*]} ]]; then
			print $host

exit 0

Last edited by ripat; 08-28-2009 at 06:59 AM.. Reason: array post-incrementation
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hosts - hostname to IP address database SYNOPSIS
/etc/hosts DESCRIPTION
The hosts database lists the IP addresses and the hostnames that translate to these IP addresses. It is used by nonamed(8) in a network without name servers. A simple /etc/hosts may look like this: localhost darask burask The localhost entry lists a special address that refers to the local host itself (a kind of /dev/tty for hosts.) You should only list it if nonamed needs it! The other entries are actual machines. The file may contain comments marked with '#'. You can have aliases (more hostnames on the same line), but it is not recommended, because nonamed can't present them to the system as CNAME records. An often seen form like darask is harmless though, and has the small advantage that you can use the short name in /etc/ethers so rarpd can match it at boot time. FILES
/etc/hosts Hosts database. SEE ALSO
ethers(5), nonamed(8), rarpd(8), boot(8). AUTHOR
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