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Special Forums IP Networking A test to ensure TCP/IP configuration is complete Post 302348271 by fguy on Thursday 27th of August 2009 08:04:17 PM
Old 08-27-2009
A test to ensure TCP/IP configuration is complete

Greetings. I have Debian lenny, and at the moment only the bare bones install, no GUI. I'm connecting via wireless to a Linksys router on a home network, and I manually configured a fixed ip etc during the install. I have not attempted to use any higher level apps such as ftp or telnet or apt yet.

If I can ping to the outside world using a domain name, e.g. ping unix.com, is that sufficient to tell me that my basic tcp/ip configuration is complete and correct?


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Smokeping_probes_CiscoRTTMonDNS(3)				     SmokePing					Smokeping_probes_CiscoRTTMonDNS(3)

Smokeping::probes::CiscoRTTMonDNS.pm - Probe for SmokePing SYNOPSIS
*** Probes *** +CiscoRTTMonDNS forks = 5 offset = 50% step = 300 timeout = 15 # The following variables can be overridden in each target section ioshost = RTTcommunity@Myrouter.foobar.com.au # mandatory iosint = name = www.foobar.com.au # mandatory pings = 5 timeout = 15 # [...] *** Targets *** probe = CiscoRTTMonDNS # if this should be the default probe # [...] + mytarget # probe = CiscoRTTMonDNS # if the default probe is something else host = my.host ioshost = RTTcommunity@Myrouter.foobar.com.au # mandatory iosint = name = www.foobar.com.au # mandatory pings = 5 timeout = 15 DESCRIPTION
A probe for smokeping, which uses the ciscoRttMon MIB functionality ("Service Assurance Agent", "SAA") of Cisco IOS to time ( recursive, type A) DNS queries to a DNS server. VARIABLES
Supported probe-specific variables: forks Run this many concurrent processes at maximum Example value: 5 Default value: 5 offset If you run many probes concurrently you may want to prevent them from hitting your network all at the same time. Using the probe- specific offset parameter you can change the point in time when each probe will be run. Offset is specified in % of total interval, or alternatively as 'random', and the offset from the 'General' section is used if nothing is specified here. Note that this does NOT influence the rrds itself, it is just a matter of when data acqusition is initiated. (This variable is only applicable if the variable 'concurrentprobes' is set in the 'General' section.) Example value: 50% step Duration of the base interval that this probe should use, if different from the one specified in the 'Database' section. Note that the step in the RRD files is fixed when they are originally generated, and if you change the step parameter afterwards, you'll have to delete the old RRD files or somehow convert them. (This variable is only applicable if the variable 'concurrentprobes' is set in the 'General' section.) Example value: 300 timeout How long a single 'ping' takes at maximum Example value: 15 Default value: 5 Supported target-specific variables: ioshost The (mandatory) ioshost parameter specifies the Cisco router, which will send the DNS requests, as well as the SNMP community string on the router. Example value: RTTcommunity@Myrouter.foobar.com.au This setting is mandatory. iosint The (optional) iosint parameter is the source address for the DNS packets. This should be one of the active (!) IP addresses of the router to get results. IOS looks up the target host address in the forwarding table and then uses the interface(s) listed there to send the DNS packets. By default IOS uses the (primary) IP address on the sending interface as source address for packets originated by the router. Example value: name The (mandatory) name parameter is the DNS name to resolve. Example value: www.foobar.com.au This setting is mandatory. pings How many pings should be sent to each target, if different from the global value specified in the Database section. Note that the number of pings in the RRD files is fixed when they are originally generated, and if you change this parameter afterwards, you'll have to delete the old RRD files or somehow convert them. Example value: 5 timeout How long a single RTTMonDNS 'ping' take at maximum plus 10 seconds to spare. Since we control our own timeout the only purpose of this is to not have us killed by the ping method from basefork. Example value: 15 Default value: 15 AUTHORS
Joerg.Kummer at Roche.com NOTES
host parameter The host parameter specifies the DNS server, which the router will use. IOS VERSIONS This probe only works with IOS 12.0(3)T or higher. It is recommended to test it on less critical routers first. INSTALLATION To install this probe copy ciscoRttMonMIB.pm to ($SMOKEPINGINSTALLDIR)/lib/Smokeping and CiscoRTTMonDNS.pm to ($SMOKEPINGINSTALLDIR)/lib/Smokeping/probes. The router(s) must be configured to allow read/write SNMP access. Sufficient is: snmp-server community RTTCommunity RW If you want to be a bit more restrictive with SNMP write access to the router, then consider configuring something like this access-list 2 permit snmp-server view RttMon ciscoRttMonMIB included snmp-server community RTTCommunity view RttMon RW 2 The above configuration grants SNMP read-write only to (the smokeping host) and only to the ciscoRttMon MIB tree. The probe does not need access to SNMP variables outside the RttMon tree. BUGS
The probe does unnecessary DNS queries, i.e. more than configured in the "pings" variable, because the RTTMon MIB only allows to set a total time for all queries in one measurement run (one "life"). Currently the probe sets the life duration to "pings"*5+3 seconds (5 secs is the timeout value hardcoded into this probe). SEE ALSO
<http://oss.oetiker.ch/smokeping/> <http://www.switch.ch/misc/leinen/snmp/perl/> The best source for background info on SAA is Cisco's documentation on <http://www.cisco.com> and the CISCO-RTTMON-MIB documentation, which is available at: ftp://ftp.cisco.com/pub/mibs/v2/CISCO-RTTMON-MIB.my <ftp://ftp.cisco.com/pub/mibs/v2/CISCO-RTTMON-MIB.my> 2.6.8 2013-03-17 Smokeping_probes_CiscoRTTMonDNS(3)

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