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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Copy files from remote server Post 302347730 by vbe on Wednesday 26th of August 2009 09:35:27 AM
Old 08-26-2009
Could you please help me as per my requirement mentioned below ?
Sure !
What have you done so far?

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I have ssh keys setup and running properly between two servers. I have a Korn shell script that is logging into the remote server and needs to backup the authorized_keys and/or authorized_keys2 files. The following syntax works perfectly ------------------------------------- ssh... (1 Reply)
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copy files from remote server (B) to target server (A)?

Hi All, what is the comand to log off the remote server? I have 2 servers A, B. I need to find all files older than 7 days on server B and copy over to server A. My logic is: login the remote server: ================= ssh hostB cd /data/test find . -mtime -7 -ls | awk '{print... (4 Replies)
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ok guys. I have a Centos server running a large website I own. Its is severely struggling under the load and I am having to move to a new load balanced setup. The servers are both remote (to me) and although I can do most things admin wise in nix, I am struggling a bit to come up with a way... (1 Reply)
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4. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Can I copy files on remote server with ftp ?

I just realize the only way is to download and upload again.. is not possible to copy them remotely with the ftp protocol ? thanks (2 Replies)
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How to copy a file from remote server and preserve timestamp

Hi How to copy a file from remote server and preserve timestamp. Please not, i have to pass username and password to connect to the remote server in the shell script. Can this be achieved with simple ftp ? are there any options in ftp ? Thanks (4 Replies)
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Copy and run that script in Remote server

Hi All, I need script to perform below task. 1. I have a script in one server and need to copy this script to remote server 2. login in to remote server 3. run the script which i copied to this server. #!/bin/bash read a scp /tmp/script.sh user@hostname:/tmp ssh user@$a ./scirpt.sh ... (2 Replies)
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Copy down remote files and rename them to include the server name with full path

I need to pull down a good bit of files for another support team for an upgrade project. I have a server.list with all of the server names. I need to do two parts: FIRST: I have this example, but it does not list the server name in front of each line. #! /bin/bash for server in $(<... (10 Replies)
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Checking files in remote server and decide to copy file or not

Hi there, I have a problem in my script, I need to check whether file exists in remote server or not, if the file exists, then stop copy else copy the file to the server.. my code is something like this while read $server do if ssh $server "cd $directory_name; if ; then echo "Error:... (2 Replies)
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How to copy files from remote server to local?

Hi experts, I 'm newbie to unix world, now I have task to copy the latest files from remote server to my local. I believe this must be very common request in this community. I want you do it one more time for me please. My requirement is something like this: I receive files in the below... (3 Replies)
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Script connect to remote server, not find files and exit only from remote server, but not from scrip

I have a script, which connecting to remote server and first checks, if the files are there by timestamp. If not I want the script exit without error. Below is a code TARFILE=${NAME}.tar TARGZFILE=${NAME}.tar.gz ssh ${DESTSERVNAME} 'cd /export/home/iciprod/download/let/monthly;... (3 Replies)
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DB2_ESCAPE_STRING(3)							 1						      DB2_ESCAPE_STRING(3)

db2_escape_string - Used to escape certain characters

string db2_escape_string (string $string_literal) DESCRIPTION
Prepends backslashes to special characters in the string argument. PARAMETERS
o $string_literal - The string that contains special characters that need to be modified. Characters that are prepended with a backslash are x00, , , , ', " and x1a. RETURN VALUES
Returns $string_literal with the special characters noted above prepended with backslashes. EXAMPLES
Example #1 A db2_escape_string(3) example Result of using the db2_escape_string(3) function <?php $conn = db2_connect($database, $user, $password); if ($conn) { $str[0] = "All characters: x00 , , , , ' , " , x1a ."; $str[1] = "Backslash (). Single quote ('). Double quote (")"; $str[2] = "The NULL character must be quoted as well"; $str[3] = "Intersting characters: x1a , x00 ."; $str[4] = "Nothing to quote"; $str[5] = 200676; $str[6] = ""; foreach( $str as $string ) { echo "db2_escape_string: " . db2_escape_string($string). " "; } } ?> The above example will output: db2_escape_string: All characters: , , , \ , ' , " ,  . db2_escape_string: Backslash (\). Single quote ('). Double quote (") db2_escape_string: The NULL character must be quoted as well db2_escape_string: Intersting characters:  , . db2_escape_string: Nothing to quote db2_escape_string: 200676 db2_escape_string: SEE ALSO
db2_prepare(3). PHP Documentation Group DB2_ESCAPE_STRING(3)

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