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Full Discussion: Search and Replace using awk
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Search and Replace using awk Post 302347622 by sagar_evc on Wednesday 26th of August 2009 06:43:48 AM
Old 08-26-2009
echo option4 Value4 | sed 's/option4.*/option4 <new value>/'


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Locale::Script(3perl)					 Perl Programmers Reference Guide				     Locale::Script(3perl)

Locale::Script - standard codes for script identification SYNOPSIS
use Locale::Script; $script = code2script('phnx'); # 'Phoenician' $code = script2code('Phoenician'); # 'Phnx' $code = script2code('Phoenician', LOCALE_CODE_NUMERIC); # 115 @codes = all_script_codes(); @scripts = all_script_names(); DESCRIPTION
The "Locale::Script" module provides access to standards codes used for identifying scripts, such as those defined in ISO 15924. Most of the routines take an optional additional argument which specifies the code set to use. If not specified, the default ISO 15924 four-letter codes will be used. SUPPORTED CODE SETS
There are several different code sets you can use for identifying scripts. The ones currently supported are: alpha This is a set of four-letter (capitalized) codes from ISO 15924 such as 'Phnx' for Phoenician. This code set is identified with the symbol "LOCALE_SCRIPT_ALPHA". The Zxxx, Zyyy, and Zzzz codes are not used. This is the default code set. numeric This is a set of three-digit numeric codes from ISO 15924 such as 115 for Phoenician. This code set is identified with the symbol "LOCALE_SCRIPT_NUMERIC". ROUTINES
code2script ( CODE [,CODESET] ) script2code ( NAME [,CODESET] ) script_code2code ( CODE ,CODESET ,CODESET2 ) all_script_codes ( [CODESET] ) all_script_names ( [CODESET] ) Locale::Script::rename_script ( CODE ,NEW_NAME [,CODESET] ) Locale::Script::add_script ( CODE ,NAME [,CODESET] ) Locale::Script::delete_script ( CODE [,CODESET] ) Locale::Script::add_script_alias ( NAME ,NEW_NAME ) Locale::Script::delete_script_alias ( NAME ) Locale::Script::rename_script_code ( CODE ,NEW_CODE [,CODESET] ) Locale::Script::add_script_code_alias ( CODE ,NEW_CODE [,CODESET] ) Locale::Script::delete_script_code_alias ( CODE [,CODESET] ) These routines are all documented in the Locale::Codes man page. SEE ALSO
Locale::Codes Locale::Constants http://www.unicode.org/iso15924/ Home page for ISO 15924. AUTHOR
See Locale::Codes for full author history. Currently maintained by Sullivan Beck (sbeck@cpan.org). COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 1997-2001 Canon Research Centre Europe (CRE). Copyright (c) 2001-2010 Neil Bowers Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Sullivan Beck This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.14.2 2011-09-26 Locale::Script(3perl)

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