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Homework and Emergencies Homework & Coursework Questions hi, Post 302347168 by shaziafathima on Tuesday 25th of August 2009 04:16:21 AM
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  1. Consider the command runme has the syntax:
    runme -x|-y [-abcd] FILENAME. . .
    Which of the following would be a valid command and Why?
    a. runme -x -y -b users.txt
    b. runme
    c. runme -x users.txt privileged.txt
    d. runme -bcd users.txt priveleged.txt class.txt
FS_GETCRYPT(1)						       AFS Command Reference						    FS_GETCRYPT(1)

fs_getcrypt - Displays the state of encryption for AFS file transfers SYNOPSIS
fs getcrypt [-help] DESCRIPTION
The fs getcrypt command shows the status of network traffic encryption for file traffic in the AFS client. This encryption applies to file traffic going to and coming from the AFS server for users with valid tokens. The complement of this command is fs setcrypt which sets the status of encryption on the client. CAUTIONS
AFS uses an encryption scheme called fcrypt, based on but slightly weaker than DES. Because fcrypt and DES are obsolete, the user must decide how much to trust the encryption. Consider using a Virtual Private Network at the IP level if better encryption is needed. Encrypting file traffic requires a token. Unauthenticated connections or connections authorized via IP-based ACLs will not be encrypted even when encryption is turned on. OPTIONS
-help Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored. OUTPUT
If encryption is enabled, the output is: Security level is currently crypt (data security). If encryption if disabled, the output is: Security level is currently clear. EXAMPLES
There is only one way to invoke fs getcrypt: % fs getcrypt PRIVILEGE REQUIRED
No special priviledges are required for this command. SEE ALSO
fs_setcrypt(1) The description of the fcrypt encryption mechanism at http://surfvi.com/~ota/fcrypt-paper.txt <http://surfvi.com/~ota/fcrypt-paper.txt>. COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2007 Jason Edgecombe <jason@rampaginggeek.com> This documentation is covered by the BSD License as written in the doc/LICENSE file. This man page was written by Jason Edgecombe for OpenAFS. OpenAFS 2012-03-26 FS_GETCRYPT(1)

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