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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Script that waits until a call is done Post 302346404 by thanhdat on Friday 21st of August 2009 08:34:12 PM
Old 08-21-2009
I think you can let the service run in the background and check the process, for example, every 5s. If the process is finished then you execute your script.
Hope that helps.

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cmrunserv(1m)															     cmrunserv(1m)

cmrunserv - run a service from the high availability package run script SYNOPSIS
cmrunserv [-v] service_name service_command_string cmrunserv [-v] [-r restarts] service_name service_command_string cmrunserv [-v] [-R] service_name service_command_string DESCRIPTION
cmrunserv is used in the high availability package run script to run a service. To start package's service, a user must either be superuser(UID=0), or have an access policy of FULL_ADMIN allowed in the cluster configu- ration file. See access policy in cmquerycl(1m) or cmmakepkg(1m). If the service process dies, cmrunserv updates the status of the service to down. The cluster software will recognize the change in status and execute the normal package recovery sequence. This includes executing the package halt script, determining if the package can be run on a different node, and, if so, executing the package run script on the new node. Should the service_command be halted by the cmhaltserv command, a SIGTERM signal will be sent to the process. This executable or shell script should be able to handle a SIGTERM signal and execute a graceful shutdown performing any cleanup necessary. If the process ignores the SIGTERM, a SIGKILL will be sent to the process. If a SIGKILL is sent, the process will die immediately and will be unable to perform any cleanup. Options cmrunserv supports the following options. -v Verbose output will be displayed. -r restarts Indicates that the service should be automatically restarted by the cluster software if it fails, without halting the package. restarts indicates how many times the service may fail before the package should be halted. -R Indicates the service should be restarted an unlimited number of times if it fails. service_name Name of the service as it exists in the package configuration information. service_command_string Process string to be started. This includes the process name and any arguments necessary for the process to run. The process name must be a full path, may be either a command name or a shell script, and must be executable. RETURN VALUE
cmrunserv returns the following values: 0 Successful completion. 1 Command failed. EXAMPLES
To run the service command string /var/opt/db/database1 under the service name db1, do the following: # Run the process /var/opt/db/database1 cmrunserv db1 /var/opt/db/database1 This line should only be executed within a package run script. AUTHOR
cmrunserv was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
cmhaltserv(1m), cmquerycl(1m), cmmakepkg(1m), cmmodnet(1m). Requires Optional Serviceguard Software cmrunserv(1m)

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