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Operating Systems Linux Ubuntu How do I install the DB2 Control Center on UBUNTU Post 302346224 by djonatanb on Friday 21st of August 2009 09:27:41 AM
Old 08-21-2009
Error How do I install the DB2 Control Center on UBUNTU

What I have to download? How do I install it?
I'm having some troubles with the DB2 Control Center (DB2 CLient). I couldn't find any good tutorial, and as I'm recently migrating to linux I don't know how to proceed.

Please if you know any good tutorial to show me, or if you know what I should do I'll be very grateful.


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PDO_IBM-DSN(3)								 1							    PDO_IBM-DSN(3)

PDO_IBM DSN - Connecting to IBM databases

	The PDO_IBM Data Source Name (DSN) is based on the IBM CLI DSN. The major components of the PDO_IBM DSN are:

	      o DSN prefix
		- The DSN prefix is ibm:.

	      o DSN
		- The DSN can be any of the following:

		     o a) Data source setup using
		       db2cli.ini or odbc.ini

		     o b) Catalogued database name i.e. database alias in the DB2 client catalog

		     o c) Complete connection string in the following format: DRIVER={IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER};DATABASE=
		       database;HOSTNAME=  hostname;PORT= port;PROTOCOL=TCPIP;UID= username;PWD= password; where the parameters represent the fol-
		       lowing values:

			    o $database
			      - The name of the database.

			    o $hostname
			      - The hostname or IP address of the database server.

			    o $port
			      - The TCP/IP port on which the database is listening for requests.

			    o $username
			      - The username with which you are connecting to the database.

			    o $password
			      - The password with which you are connecting to the database.

       Example #1

	      PDO_IBM DSN example using db2cli.ini

	       The following example shows a PDO_IBM DSN for connecting to an DB2 database cataloged as DB2_9 in db2cli.ini:

	      $db = new PDO("ibm:DSN=DB2_9", "", "");


       Example #2

	      PDO_IBM DSN example using a connection string

	       The following example shows a PDO_IBM DSN for connecting to an DB2 database named testdb using the DB2 CLI connection  string  syn-

	      $db = new PDO("ibm:DRIVER={IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER};DATABASE=testdb;" .
		"HOSTNAME=;PORT=56789;PROTOCOL=TCPIP;", "testuser", "tespass");

PHP Documentation Group 													    PDO_IBM-DSN(3)

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