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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Issue in reading file line by line Post 302344244 by danmero on Saturday 15th of August 2009 11:25:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Shivdatta
i.e the spaces are trimmed. I want to retain the spaces as well.
What spaces? I don't see any spaces in your example Smilie

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XcmsConversionProc()													      XcmsConversionProc()

  XcmsConversionProc - interface definition for the procedure for color conversion between device-independent color spaces.

  For conversion between device-independent color spaces: typedef Status (*XcmsConversionProc)(ccc, white_point, colors, ncolors)
	   XcmsCCC ccc;
	   XcmsColor *white_point[];
	   XcmsColor colors[];
	   unsigned int ncolors;

  For conversion between CIEXYZ and device-dependent color spaces:

  typedef Status (*XcmsConversionProc)(ccc, colors, ncolors, CIcompression_flags_return)
	   XcmsCCC ccc;
	   XcmsColor colors[];
	   unsigned int ncolors;
	   Bool compression_flags_return[];

  ccc	    Specifies the color conversion context.

	    Specifies  the white point associated with the color specifications.  Pixel member is ignored and the color specification is left
	    unchanged upon return.

  colors    Specifies an array of color specifications.  Pixel members are ignored and remain unchanged upon return.

  ncolors   Specifies the number of XcmsColor structures in the color specification array.

	    Specifies an array of Boolean values (or NULL) for returned information that indicates if the color was compressed.  During  con-
	    version,  when a color is found to out of gamut, this argument is passed in the gamut compression function call.  For an example,
	    refer to the source code for XcmsCIEXYZToRGBi.

  Zero on failure, non-zero on success.

  Release 5 and later.

  An XcmsConversionProc procedure converts XcmsColor between device-independent color space encodings.

  Procedures provided and accessible in Xlib for conversion between device-independent color spaces are:

  o  XcmsCIELabToCIEXYZ - Converts color specifications from XcmsCIELab to XcmsCIELab.

  o  XcmsCIELuvToCIEuvY - Converts color specifications from XcmsCIELuv to XcmsCIEuvY.

  o  XcmsCIEXYZToCIELab - Converts color specifications from XcmsCIEXYZ to XcmsCIELab.

  o  XcmsCIEXYZToCIEuvY - Converts color specifications from XcmsCIEXYZ to XcmsCIEuvY.

  o  XcmsCIEXYZToCIExyY - Converts color specifications from XcmsCIEXYZ to XcmsCIExyY.

  o  XcmsCIEuvYToCIELuv - Converts color specifications from XcmsCIEuvY to XcmsCIELuv.

  o  XcmsCIEuvYToCIEXYZ - Converts color specifications from XcmsCIEuvY to XcmsCIEXYZ.

  o  XcmsCIEuvYToCIETekHVC - Converts color specifications from XcmsCIEuvY to XcmsCIETekHVC.

  o  XcmsCIExyYToCIEXYZ - Converts color specifications from XcmsCIExyY to XcmsCIEXYZ.

  o  XcmsTekHVCToCIEuvY - Converts color specifications from XcmsTekHVC to XcmsCIEuvY.

  Procedures provided and accessible in Xlib for conversion between CIEXYZ and device-dependent color spaces are:

  o  XcmsCIEXYZToRGBi - Converts color specifications from XcmsCIEXYZ to XcmsRGBi.

  o  XcmsRGBToRGBi - Converts color specifications from XcmsRGB to XcmsRGBi.

  o  XcmsRGBiToCIEXYZ - Converts color specifications from XcmsRGBi to XcmsCIEXYZ.

  o  XcmsRGBiToRGB - Converts color specifications from XcmsRGBi to XcmsRGB.

  The XcmsColor structure and XcmsColorFormat type are shown on the XcmsColor reference page.  Refer also  to  the  XcmsColorSpace  reference

See Also

Xlib - Device-independent Color 											      XcmsConversionProc()

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