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Full Discussion: Pearl,Unix systems Commands
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Pearl,Unix systems Commands Post 302343990 by BIzzare12 on Friday 14th of August 2009 09:48:59 AM
Old 08-14-2009
Computer Pearl,Unix systems Commands

hi does anyone have any knowledge of pearl, unix systems commmands and what are the basic commands??????apppreciated for your help.
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TAPEFS(1)						      General Commands Manual							 TAPEFS(1)

32vfs, cpiofs, tapfs, tarfs, tpfs, v6fs, v10fs - mount archival file systems SYNOPSIS
fs/32vfs [ -m mountpoint ] [ -p passwd ] [ -g group ] file fs/cpiofs fs/tapfs fs/tarfs fs/tpfs fs/v6fs fs/v10fs DESCRIPTION
These commands interpret data from traditional tape or file system formats stored in file, and mount their contents (read-only) into a Plan 9 file system. The optional -p and -g flags specify Unix-format password (respectively group) files that give the mapping between the numeric user- and group-ID numbers on the media and the strings reported by Plan 9 status inquiries. The -m flag introduces the name at which the new file system should be attached; the default is /n/tapefs. 32vfs interprets raw disk images of 32V systems, which are ca. 1978 research Unix systems for the VAX, and also pre-FFS Berkeley VAX sys- tems (1KB block size). Cpiofs interprets cpio tape images (constructed with cpio's c flag). Tarfs interprets tar tape images. Tpfs interprets tp tapes from the Fifth through Seventh Edition research Unix systems. Tapfs interprets tap tapes from the pre-Fifth Edition era. V6fs interprets disk images from the Fifth and Sixth edition research Unix systems (512B block size). V10fs interprets disk images from the Tenth Edition research Unix systems (4KB block size). SOURCE
These commands are constructed in a highly stereotyped way using the files fs.c and util.c in /sys/src/cmd/tapefs, which in turn derive substantially from ramfs(4). SEE ALSO
Section 5 passim, ramfs(4). TAPEFS(1)

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