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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting sed with many special characters Post 302343791 by lakanino on Thursday 13th of August 2009 03:40:19 PM
Old 08-13-2009
sed with many special characters

I started with this:

cp file.txt  file_${counter1}.tmp
while read name1

    echo $name1
    counter2=`expr $counter1 + 1`
    sed /'${name1}'/d  file_${counter1}.txt >  file_${counter2}.txt
    counter1=`expr $counter1 + 1`

done < source.txt

source.txt contains the following:

$ *&and Element Properties for region : *IFS_LH_AR_cp.8330302
$ Composite /Prop^&erty Record crea(^&ted from P3/PATRAN )( material
$ record : pcomp.8330302 !~()
$ Composite Material Description :
PCOMP    8330302-.535                           75.      0.
         8330305.045     0.      YES     @#*.       0.      YES
         8330306.025     0.      YES ^*

Is there a way for sed to ignore special characters and assume that special character as it is and find it in the file.txt without hicups?

thanks in advance for the help...

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ATR_ANALYSIS(1p)						   User Commands						  ATR_ANALYSIS(1p)

ATR_analysis - analyse a smart card ATR SYNOPSIS
ATR_analysis [ATRstring] DESCRIPTION
ATR_analysis is used to parse the ATR (Answer To Reset) sent by a smart card. The command also tries to find the card model using an ATR database stored in a text file smartcard_list.txt. The smartcard_list.txt file is searched in ./, /usr/local/pcsc/ and /usr/share/pcsc/ directories. Exemple: $ ATR_analysis '3B A7 00 40 18 80 65 A2 08 01 01 52' ATR: 3B A7 00 40 18 80 65 A2 08 01 01 52 + TS = 3B --> Direct Convention + T0 = A7, Y(1): 1010, K: 7 (historical bytes) TB(1) = 00 --> Programming Param P: 0, I: 0 TD(1) = 40 --> Y(i+1) = 0100, Protocol T = 0 ----- TC(2) = 18 --> Work waiting time: 960 x 24 x (Fi/F) + Historical bytes: 80 65 A2 08 01 01 52 Possibly identified card: 3B A7 00 40 18 80 65 A2 08 01 01 52 Gemplus GPK8000 BUGS
Maybe many bugs since I am not a ISO 7816 expert. FILES
smartcard_list.txt SEE ALSO
pcscd(8), pcsc_scan(1) AUTHOR
Ludovic Rousseau <ludovic.rousseau@free.fr> Version: 1.3 October 2005 ATR_ANALYSIS(1p)

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