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Full Discussion: need help using scp on putty
Special Forums News, Links, Events and Announcements need help using scp on putty Post 302343509 by pludi on Wednesday 12th of August 2009 04:55:12 PM
Old 08-12-2009
You'll have to tell it where to download the file from (as good as PuTTY already is, it's not psychic yet):
pscp user@server:/path/to/file c:\temp


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psftp(1)							 PuTTY tool suite							  psftp(1)

psftp - interactive SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) client SYNOPSIS
psftp [options] [user@]host DESCRIPTION
psftp is an interactive text-based client for the SSH-based SFTP (secure file transfer) protocol. OPTIONS
The command-line options supported by psftp are: -V Show version information and exit. -pgpfp Display the fingerprints of the PuTTY PGP Master Keys and exit, to aid in verifying new files released by the PuTTY team. -b batchfile Use specified batchfile. -bc Output batchfile commands. -be Don't stop batchfile processing on errors. -v Show verbose messages. -load session Load settings from saved session. -P port Connect to port port. -l user Set remote username to user. -batch Disable interactive prompts. -pw password Set remote password to password. CAUTION: this will likely make the password visible to other users of the local machine (via com- mands such as `w'). -1 Force use of SSH protocol version 1. -2 Force use of SSH protocol version 2. -C Enable SSH compression. -i path Private key file for authentication. COMMANDS
For a list of commands available inside psftp, type help at the psftp> prompt. MORE INFORMATION
For more information on psftp it's probably best to go and look at the manual on the PuTTY web page: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ BUGS
This man page isn't terribly complete. See the above web link for better documentation. PuTTY tool suite 2004-03-24 psftp(1)

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