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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Email Alerts Post 302342498 by Smiling Dragon on Monday 10th of August 2009 04:02:01 AM
Old 08-10-2009
You can add the following line to your script to send emails:
echo "Here is some text" | /usr/bin/mailx -s "some subject line"

If you only need to know when it's finished and don't care about the success or failure, the above line at the end of the script will work.

If you want more info or smarts, you can wrap some logic around your perl /appcfg/... lines to see if they exit OK (exit code = 0) or an error (exit code != 0) and make the appropriate action accordingly.

However, cron has some builtin smarts that will have it email the owner of the job automatically if it produces any output and remain silent if not. It could be sufficient to just have produce output if it hits an issue.
Or if you just need a notification, end your script with:
echo "done at `date`"

Or something like that...
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CRON(8) 						      System Manager's Manual							   CRON(8)

cron - clock daemon SYNOPSIS
auth/cron [-c] DESCRIPTION
Cron executes commands at specified dates and times according to instructions in the files /cron/user/cron. It runs only on an authentica- tion server. Option -c causes cron to create /cron/user and /cron/user/cron for the current user; it can be run from any Plan 9 machine. Blank lines and lines beginning with # in these files are ignored. Entries are lines with fields minute hour day month weekday host command Command is a string, which may contain spaces, that is passed to an rc(1) running on host for execution. The first five fields are integer patterns for minute 0-59 hour 0-23 day of month 1-31 month of year 1-12 day of week 0-6; 0=Sunday The syntax for these patterns is time : '*' | range range : number | number '-' number | range ',' range Each number must be in the appropriate range. Hyphens specify inclusive ranges of valid times; commas specify lists of valid time ranges. To run the job, cron calls host and authenticates remote execution, equivalent to running rx host command (see con(1)). The user's profile is run with $service set to rx. Cron is not a reliable service. It skips commands if it cannot reach host within two minutes, or if the cron daemon is not running at the appropriate time. EXAMPLES
Here is the job that mails system news. % cat /cron/upas/cron # send system news 15 8-17, 21 *** helix /mail/lib/mailnews % SOURCE
/sys/src/cmd/auth/cron.c SEE ALSO
con(1), rc(1) CRON(8)

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