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Full Discussion: XDMCP Error
Operating Systems Solaris XDMCP Error Post 302342428 by TonyFullerMalv on Sunday 9th of August 2009 04:44:53 PM
Old 08-09-2009
Solaris 10 does not have xdmcp login enabled bt default so you may need to do the following on your server:

XDMCP: Solaris 10
Solaris 10's desktop environment is JDS which is basedoff of GNOME.
1. Log in as root
2. Open a terminal
3. type gdmsetup (a dialog box will appear)

4 Click on the XDMCP tab
5. Check the Enable XDMCP box
6. Press Close
XDMCP: General Instructions
Here are general instructions to enable XDMCP manually editing files on unix systems.
1. Log in as root.
2. From /etc/X11/xdm/Xaccess file, uncomment the line ”# * #any host can get a login window”.
3. From /etc/X11/xdm/xdm-config file, comment out the line “DisplayManager.RequestPort: 0”.
4. From /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf file, set the enable status to True (or 1) in [xdmcp] section.
5. From /etc/kde/kdm/kdmrc file, set the enable status to True (or 1) in [xdmcp] section.


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gdmXnestchooser(1)                                                 User Commands                                                gdmXnestchooser(1)

gdmXnestchooser, gdmXnest - run an XDMCP chooser SYNOPSIS
gdmXnestchooser [--background] [--broadcast] [--direct] [--no-gdm-check] [--no-query] [--xnest-extra-options=options] [--xnest=string] [gnome-std-options] hostname DESCRIPTION
gdmXnestchooser automatically gets the correct display number, sets up access, and runs Xnest with -indirect localhost. This ensures that you get an XDMCP chooser that is provided by your machine. You can also specify the hostname whose chooser should be displayed, so that gdmXnestchooser somehost runs the XDMCP chooser from host somehost inside an Xnest. gdmXnest is a symbolic link to gdmXnestchooser and is the same as running gdmXnestchooser with the --no-query and --no-gdm-check options. gdmXnest is useful for running Xnest without actually connecting somewhere. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: --background Run in the background. You can also use -b to specify this option. --broadcast Run broadcast instead of indirect (chooser). You can also use -B to specify this option. --direct Do direct query instead of indirect (chooser). You can also use -d to specify this option. --no-gdm-check Do not check for running GDM. --no-query Just run Xnest, no query (no chooser). You can also use -n to specify this option. --xnest-extra-opExtra=options for Xnest. The default is no options. You can also use -o to specify this option. --xnest=string Xnest command line. The default value is Xnest. You can also use -x to specify this option. gnome-std-optionStandard options available for use with most GNOME applications. See gnome-std-options(5) for more information. OPERANDS
The following operands are supported: hostname Hostname whose chooser should be displayed. EXAMPLES
Example 1: Running the XDMCP Chooser From Host somehost Inside an Xnest example% gdmXnestchooser somehost Example 2: Connecting to somehost Directly Run example% gdmXnestchooser -d somehost FILES
The following files are used by this application: /usr/bin/gdmXnestchooserExecutable to run an XDMCP chooser ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWgnome-display-mgr | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface stability |External | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
Latest version of the GNOME Desktop User Guide for your platform. gdm(1), gdmflexiserver(1), gdmphotosetup(1), gdmsetup(1), gdmthemetester(1), gdm-restart(1m), gdmconfig(1m), gnome-std-options(5) NOTES
Original man page written by Martin K. Petersen <mkp@mkp.net>, George Lebl <jirka@5z.com>. Copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Martin K. Petersen. Copyright (c) 2001, 2003, 2004 by George Lebl. Copyright (c) 2003 by Red Hat, Inc. Updated by Brian Cameron, Sun Microsystems Inc., 2004. SunOS 5.10 1 Sep 2004 gdmXnestchooser(1)

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