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Full Discussion: Removing Line numbers
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Removing Line numbers Post 302342251 by chihung on Saturday 8th of August 2009 05:53:13 AM
Old 08-08-2009
You can also accomplish this without perl

awk '/^M[0-9]+[ \t]+/&&$2!="EOS"{printf("%s ",$2)}$2=="EOS"{printf(".\n")}' data.txt| sed 's/ \.$/./'


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PDF2TXT(1)							  PDFMiner Manual							PDF2TXT(1)

pdf2txt - extracts text contents of PDF files SYNOPSIS
pdf2txt [option...] file... DESCRIPTION
pdf2txt extracts text contents from a PDF file. It extracts all the text that is to be rendered programmatically, i.e. text represented as ASCII or Unicode strings. It cannot recognize text drawn as images that would require optical character recognition. It also extracts the corresponding locations, font names, font sizes, writing direction (horizontal or vertical) for each text portion. You need to provide a password for protected PDF documents when its access is restricted. You cannot extract any text from a PDF document which does not have extraction permission. OPTIONS
-o file Specifies the output file name. The default is to print the extracted contents to standand output in text format. -p pageno[,pageno,...] Specifies the comma-separated list of the page numbers to be extracted. Page numbers start at one. By default, it extracts text from all the pages. -c codec Specifies the output codec. -t type Specifies the output format. The following formats are currently supported: text Text format. This is the default. html HTML format. It is not recommended. xml XML format. It provides the most information. tag "Tagged PDF" format. A tagged PDF has its own contents annotated with HTML-like tags. pdf2txt tries to extract its content streams rather than inferring its text locations. Tags used here are defined in the PDF Reference, Sixth Edition[1] (S10.7 "Tagged PDF"). -D writing-mode Specifies the writing mode of text outputs: lr-tb Left-to-right, top-to-bottom. tb-rl Top-to-bottom, right-to-left. auto Determine writing mode automatically -M char-margin, -L line-margin, -W word-margin These are the parameters used for layout analysis. In an actual PDF file, text portions might be split into several chunks in the middle of its running, depending on the authoring software. Therefore, text extraction needs to splice text chunks. In the figure below, two text chunks whose distance is closer than the char-margin is considered continuous and get grouped into one. Also, two lines whose distance is closer than the line-margin is grouped as a text box, which is a rectangular area that contains a "cluster" of text portions. Furthermore, it may be required to insert blank characters (spaces) as necessary if the distance between two words is greater than the word-margin, as a blank between words might not be represented as a space, but indicated by the positioning of each word. Each value is specified not as an actual length, but as a proportion of the length to the size of each character in question. The default values are char-margin = 1.0, line-margin = 0.3, and W = 0.2, respectively. -n Suppress layout analysis. -A Force layout analysis for all the text strings, including text contained in figures. -V Enable detection of vertical writing. -s scale Specifies the output scale. This option can be used in HTML format only. -m n Specifies the maximum number of pages to extract. By default, all the pages in a document are extracted. -P password Provides the user password to access PDF contents. -d Increase the debug level. EXAMPLES
Extract text as an HTML file whose filename is output.html: $ pdf2txt -o output.html samples/naacl06-shinyama.pdf Extract a Japanese HTML file in vertical writing: $ pdf2txt -c euc-jp -D tb-rl -o output.html samples/jo.pdf Extract text from an encrypted PDF file: $ pdf2txt -P mypassword -o output.txt secret.pdf SEE ALSO
dumppdf(1) AUTHORS
Jakub Wilk <jwilk@debian.org> Wrote this manual page for the Debian system. Yusuke Shinyama <yusuke@cs.nyu.edu> Author of PDFMiner and its original HTML documentation. NOTES
1. PDF Reference, Sixth Edition http://www.adobe.com/devnet/acrobat/pdfs/pdf_reference_1-7.pdf pdf2txt 08/24/2011 PDF2TXT(1)

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