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Full Discussion: Removing Line numbers
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Removing Line numbers Post 302342072 by fpmurphy on Friday 7th of August 2009 10:37:27 AM
Old 08-07-2009
perl -i -pe 's/^M. //g' file


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Hi, I have 3 lines in a text file that is similar to this (as a result of a diff between 2 files): 35,36d34 < DATA.EVENT.EVENT_ID.s = "3661208" < DATA.EVENT.EVENT_ID.s = "3661208" I am trying to get it down to just this: DATA.EVENT.EVENT_ID.s = "3661208" How can I do this?... (11 Replies)
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Hi i would like to add line numbers to end of each line in a file. I am able to do it in the front of each line using sed, but not able to add at the end of the file. Can anyone suggest The following code adds line number to start of each line sed = filename | sed 'N;s/\n/\t/' how can i... (5 Replies)
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Hi All, How to get line numbers when we more on a file in LINUX thanks firestar (1 Reply)
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hi there , i m new to unix , i d like to ask how can a get only even numbered lines matches with the word i search from txt file for example : 3461:1.D. The copyright laws of the place where you are located also govern 3471:1.E. Unless you have removed all references to Project... (17 Replies)
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So, I've been working on a project which takes layer 7 metadata from pcap dumps and archives it. However, there is a lot of dataless information that I don't want in my output. I know of ways to produce the output I want from the input file below, but I want a method of doing this, regardless of... (2 Replies)
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How would you grep for a line containing only 5 numbers? Something like this. 10 2 12 1 13 (4 Replies)
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Mail::SpamAssassin::Timeout(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			    Mail::SpamAssassin::Timeout(3)

Mail::SpamAssassin::Timeout - safe, reliable timeouts in perl SYNOPSIS
# non-timeout code... my $t = Mail::SpamAssassin::Timeout->new({ secs => 5, deadline => $when }); $t->run(sub { # code to run with a 5-second timeout... }); if ($t->timed_out()) { # do something... } # more non-timeout code... DESCRIPTION
This module provides a safe, reliable and clean API to provide alarm(2)-based timeouts for perl code. Note that $SIG{ALRM} is used to provide the timeout, so this will not interrupt out-of-control regular expression matches. Nested timeouts are supported. PUBLIC METHODS
my $t = Mail::SpamAssassin::Timeout->new({ ... options ... }); Constructor. Options include: secs => $seconds time interval, in seconds. Optional; if neither "secs" nor "deadline" is specified, no timeouts will be applied. deadline => $unix_timestamp Unix timestamp (seconds since epoch) when a timeout is reached in the latest. Optional; if neither secs nor deadline is specified, no timeouts will be applied. If both are specified, the shorter interval of the two prevails. $t->run($coderef) Run a code reference within the currently-defined timeout. The timeout is as defined by the secs and deadline parameters to the constructor. Returns whatever the subroutine returns, or "undef" on timeout. If the timer times out, "$t-<gt"timed_out()> will return 1. Time elapsed is not cumulative; multiple runs of "run" will restart the timeout from scratch. On the other hand, nested timers do observe outer timeouts if they are shorter, resignalling a timeout to the level which established them, i.e. code running under an inner timer can not exceed the time limit established by an outer timer. When restarting an outer timer on return, elapsed time of a running code is taken into account. $t->run_and_catch($coderef) Run a code reference, as per "$t-<gt"run()>, but also catching any "die()" calls within the code reference. Returns "undef" if no "die()" call was executed and $@ was unset, or the value of $@ if it was set. (The timeout event doesn't count as a "die()".) $t->timed_out() Returns 1 if the most recent code executed in "run()" timed out, or "undef" if it did not. $t->reset() If called within a "run()" code reference, causes the current alarm timer to be restored to its original setting (useful after our alarm setting was clobbered by some underlying module). perl v5.12.1 2010-03-16 Mail::SpamAssassin::Timeout(3)

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