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Full Discussion: Media Player issue
Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Media Player issue Post 302342070 by mark54g on Friday 7th of August 2009 10:27:58 AM
Old 08-07-2009
The error contains everything you need to know in order to fix it. Did you actually read the error?

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qwavheaderdump(1)						 quelcom man pages						 qwavheaderdump(1)

qwavheaderdump - dump (and fix) wav headers SYNOPSIS
qwavheaderdump [option]... file... DESCRIPTION
qwavheaderdump reads a list of wav files and prints on standard output all its header values in text (no binary) form. also, it has ability to fix some of the headers in case they'd be incorrect. OPTIONS
-F, --fix correct the header if there's any incorrect value. not all the fields are recoverable. -h, --help show a brief help and exit. -q, --quiet no output messages. don't show detected (and corrected) errors. -V, --version show version and exit. BUGS
tests has been done only with 44100 Hz 16 bit stereo files, though it may work with mono/stereo 8/16 bits files. AUTHOR
dmanye@etse.urv.es http://www.etse.urv.es/~dmanye/quelcom/quelcom.html SEE ALSO
qwavinfo(1), qwavjoin(1), qwavcut(1), qwavsilence(1), qwavfade(1) qmp3info(1), qmp3join(1), qmp3cut(1), qmp3check(1), qmp3report(1) quelcom 0.4.0 february 2001 qwavheaderdump(1)

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