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Operating Systems Linux Debian scp not preserving properties and links Post 302341437 by pludi on Thursday 6th of August 2009 02:38:51 AM
Old 08-06-2009
tar -cf - /path/to/source | ssh root@debian 'cd /path/to/target; tar -xf -'


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BF_TAR(1)						    Bogofilter Reference Manual 						 BF_TAR(1)

bf_tar - shell script to write a tar file of a bogofilter directory to stdout SYNOPSIS
bf_tar [-r] [-R] bogofilter_directory DESCRIPTION
bf_tar bundles a bogofilter working directory in tar format and copies it to standard output (your console, or where you redirect it, see EXAMPLES below). OPTIONS
The -r option causes bf_tar to remove inactive log files after the archive has been written successfully. The default is to leave log files. The -R option causes bf_tar to remove inactive log files before the archive is written. This may reduce chances that the resulting archive is recoverable should it become damaged. The archive may be smaller though. The default is to leave log files. EXIT STATUS
The script exits with status code 0 if everything went well, and nonzero if it encountered trouble. EXAMPLES
o bf_tar ~/.bogofilter > outfile.tar Writes a standard .tar file containing the essential files from ~/.bogofilter to outfile.tar. o bf_tar ~/.bogofilter | gzip -9 -c > outfile.tar.gz Writes a gzipped .tar.gz file containing the essential files from ~/.bogofilter to outfile.tar.gz. o bf_tar `pwd`/mydirectory > outfile.tar Prepend $(pwd)/ or `pwd`/ if you want to specify an absolute path instead of a relative path. NOTES
This script is meant for use with Berkeley DB based bogofilter versions. This script requires a SUSv2 compliant pax utility. This script expects a SUSv2 compliant shell. Solaris systems should have the SUNWxcu4 package installed (when bogofilter is configured) so that /usr/xpg4/bin/sh can be used. AUTHORS
Matthias Andree Bogofilter 03/15/2010 BF_TAR(1)

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