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Full Discussion: exclude files not working
Operating Systems AIX exclude files not working Post 302340936 by balaji_prk on Tuesday 4th of August 2009 05:18:48 PM
Old 08-04-2009
I am not sure how the mksysb is being taken but would be interested to see what command is being used for the same.

normally "-e" option is used to specify to exclude files listed in /etc/exclude.rootvg. I would check if "-e" option is still there.

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set directory to new epoch(1m)											    set directory to new epoch(1m)

set directory to new epoch - Reconstructs a directory's replica set, allowing you to designate a new master replica or to exclude a replica SYNOPSIS
cdscp set directory directory-name to new epoch master clearinghouse-name [readonly clearinghouse-name...] [exclude clearinghouse-name...] ARGUMENTS
The full name of the directory. The full name of the clearinghouse in which an individual replica is located. The first clearinghouse- name specifies where the master replica is stored. DESCRIPTION
The set directory to new epoch command reconstructs a directory's replica set, allowing you to designate a new master replica or to exclude a replica. You must list each existing replica and indicate whether an existing replica needs to be included in or excluded from the new replica set. You can include or exclude more than one replica. The ellipses (...) indicates that you can specify multiple clearinghouse names, separated by spaces. When you set a new epoch on a directory, you must disable the clearinghouse containing the replica that is being excluded. To do this, use the disable server command (if the server has more than one clearinghouse, all its clearinghouses will be disabled). Note that all clear- inghouses that are not excluded must be enabled and available before you issue the disable server command. Privilege Required You must have administer permission to the directory, and the server principal needs administer, read, and write permission to the direc- tory. When designating a new master replica, you also need write permission to the clearinghouse that stores the new master replica, and the server principal needs write permission to each clearinghouse where the replica type is changed to read-only. NOTE
This command may be replaced in future releases by the dcecp command, and may no longer be supported at that time. EXAMPLE
The following command sets a new epoch for the directory /.:/mfg. The master replica is in the clearinghouse /.:/Paris1_CH, and read-only replicas are in the clearinghouses /.:/Chicago1_CH, /.:/Seattle_CH, and /.:/NY1_CH. The new replica set excludes the replica in the clear- inghouse /.:/NY1_CH. cdscp> set directory /.:/mfg to new epoch master /.:/Paris1_CH > readonly /.:/Chicago1_CH /.:/Seattle_CH exclude /.:/NY1_CH RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: set directory to skulk(1m), show directory(1m), show replica(1m) set directory to new epoch(1m)

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