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Full Discussion: exclude files not working
Operating Systems AIX exclude files not working Post 302340863 by to_bsr on Tuesday 4th of August 2009 01:37:25 PM
Old 08-04-2009

I have many clients which has /etc/ of the client entry is as below

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showmount(1M)															     showmount(1M)

showmount - show all remote mounts SYNOPSIS
lists all clients that have remotely mounted a file system from host. This information is maintained by the server on host (see mountd(1M)). The default value for host is the value returned by (see hostname(1)). Options Print all remote mounts in the format where hostname is the name of the client, and directory is the root of the file system that has been mounted. List directories that have been remotely mounted by clients. Print the list of shared file systems. WARNINGS
If a client crashes, executing on the server will show that the client still has a file system mounted. In other words, stale entries may accumulate for clients that crash without sending an unmount request. Also, if a client mounts the same remote directory twice, only one entry appears in Doing a of one of these directories removes the single entry and no longer indicates that the remote directory is mounted. FILES
remote mounted filesystem table AUTHOR
was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. SEE ALSO
hostname(1), mountd(1M), share(1M), share_nfs(1M), rmtab(4). showmount(1M)

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