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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users script with a sequence of nohups Post 302340682 by Tytalus on Tuesday 4th of August 2009 07:41:37 AM
Old 08-04-2009
have a play with:

#  date; sleep 5 && date
Tue Aug  4 12:30:34 BST 2009
Tue Aug  4 12:30:39 BST 2009


#   nohup sleep 5 & date ; wait ; date
[1] 50117
Tue Aug  4 12:30:58 BST 2009
Sending output to nohup.out
[1]+  Done                    nohup sleep 5
Tue Aug  4 12:31:03 BST 2009


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NOHUP(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						  NOHUP(1)

nohup -- invoke a utility immune to hangups SYNOPSIS
nohup [--] utility [arguments] DESCRIPTION
The nohup utility invokes utility with its arguments and at this time sets the signal SIGHUP to be ignored. If the standard output is a ter- minal, the standard output is appended to the file nohup.out in the current directory. If standard error is a terminal, it is directed to the same place as the standard output. Some shells may provide a builtin nohup command which is similar or identical to this utility. Consult the builtin(1) manual page. ENVIRONMENT
The following variables are utilized by nohup: HOME If the output file nohup.out cannot be created in the current directory, the nohup utility uses the directory named by HOME to create the file. PATH Used to locate the requested utility if the name contains no '/' characters. EXIT STATUS
The nohup utility exits with one of the following values: 126 The utility was found, but could not be invoked. 127 The utility could not be found or an error occurred in nohup. Otherwise, the exit status of nohup will be that of utility. SEE ALSO
builtin(1), csh(1), signal(3) STANDARDS
The nohup utility is expected to be IEEE Std 1003.2 (``POSIX.2'') compatible. BUGS
Two or more instances of nohup can append to the same file, which makes for a confusing output. BSD
July 19, 2001 BSD

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