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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting running multiple command in same line Post 302340519 by gubbu on Monday 3rd of August 2009 05:31:50 PM
Old 08-03-2009
"jstack $(pgrep java)" didnt work. It doesnt seem like it is returning the variables

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hi scripting experts, juz wondering if it's possible to have multiple rsh command in a single script? :confused: ie: rsh -l <username> "<command>" rsh -l <username> "<command>" thanks. regards, wee :) (0 Replies)
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Running a command on multiple selected files in nautilus script

I am trying to make a script to convert drg files to wav and so far i have this #!/bin/bash drg2sbg "$*" -o "$*".sbg sbagen -Wo "/home/nick/Desktop/I-Doser Wave Files/"$*"" "$*".sbg rm "$*".sbg cd "/home/nick/Desktop/I-Doser Wave Files" rename 's/\.drg$/\.wav/' *.drg exit the drg2sbg and... (2 Replies)
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running multiple command in a single line

Hi Can we run the linux command and per script in a single command $ cd /usr/local/adm/ ;ctsv scmtest_qabuild ;cspec.pl scmtest This is a combination of linux and clearcase command and last one is perl script with argument. I can see the first and 2nd coomand is executing but last... (6 Replies)
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Logging in to multiple Linux servers and running the command.

Hi, I am trying to write a script to run a command on multiple linux based servers and get the o/p. I am using ssh to login. It is a celerra box and EMC NAS product. I am able login but i am not able to run nas command nas_pool -size -all the NAS server. I am getting the following error. ... (2 Replies)
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sed command to grep multiple pattern present in single line and delete that line

here is what i want to achieve.. i have a file with below contents cat fileName blah blah blah . .DROP this REJECT that . --sport 7800 -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-port-unreachable --dport 7800 -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-port-unreachable . . . more blah blah blah --dport 3306... (14 Replies)
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Running a command for multiple folders at once

Hi I have folders 1 to 24 (24 folders in total) and inside those folders I have the same file names. I have a command that I want to run but rather than do it individually I was wondering if there is a command to run them all at once. Thanks Phil (3 Replies)
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Issue with running multiple commands withing su command

RHEL 6.2/Bash shell root user will be executing the below script. It switches to oracle user and expect to do the following things A. Source the environment variables for BATGPRD Database (the file used for sourcing is shown below after the script) B. Shutdown the DB from sqlplus -- The... (13 Replies)
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Perl command line option '-n','-p' and multiple files: can it know a file name of a printed line?

I am looking for help in processing of those options: '-n' or '-p' I understand what they do and how to use them. But, I would like to use them with more than one file (and without any shell-loop; loading the 'perl' once.) I did try it and -n works on 2 files. Question is: - is it possible to... (6 Replies)
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Another one line command where I'd like to determine if Ubuntu or Red Hat when running command

Hello Forum, I'm making very good progress on my report thanks to the very helpful people on this forum. I've been able to successfully create my report for my Red Hat servers. But I do have a few ubuntu servers in the mix and I'd like to capture some data from them when an ssh connection is... (8 Replies)
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SSH-KEYSCAN(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					    SSH-KEYSCAN(1)

ssh-keyscan -- gather ssh public keys SYNOPSIS
ssh-keyscan [-46cHv] [-f file] [-p port] [-T timeout] [-t type] [host | addrlist namelist] ... DESCRIPTION
ssh-keyscan is a utility for gathering the public ssh host keys of a number of hosts. It was designed to aid in building and verifying ssh_known_hosts files. ssh-keyscan provides a minimal interface suitable for use by shell and perl scripts. ssh-keyscan uses non-blocking socket I/O to contact as many hosts as possible in parallel, so it is very efficient. The keys from a domain of 1,000 hosts can be collected in tens of seconds, even when some of those hosts are down or do not run ssh. For scanning, one does not need login access to the machines that are being scanned, nor does the scanning process involve any encryption. The options are as follows: -4 Forces ssh-keyscan to use IPv4 addresses only. -6 Forces ssh-keyscan to use IPv6 addresses only. -c Request certificates from target hosts instead of plain keys. -f file Read hosts or ``addrlist namelist'' pairs from file, one per line. If - is supplied instead of a filename, ssh-keyscan will read hosts or ``addrlist namelist'' pairs from the standard input. -H Hash all hostnames and addresses in the output. Hashed names may be used normally by ssh and sshd, but they do not reveal identify- ing information should the file's contents be disclosed. -p port Port to connect to on the remote host. -T timeout Set the timeout for connection attempts. If timeout seconds have elapsed since a connection was initiated to a host or since the last time anything was read from that host, then the connection is closed and the host in question considered unavailable. Default is 5 seconds. -t type Specifies the type of the key to fetch from the scanned hosts. The possible values are ``dsa'', ``ecdsa'', ``ed25519'', or ``rsa''. Multiple values may be specified by separating them with commas. The default is to fetch ``rsa'', ``ecdsa'', and ``ed25519'' keys. -v Verbose mode. Causes ssh-keyscan to print debugging messages about its progress. SECURITY
If an ssh_known_hosts file is constructed using ssh-keyscan without verifying the keys, users will be vulnerable to man in the middle attacks. On the other hand, if the security model allows such a risk, ssh-keyscan can help in the detection of tampered keyfiles or man in the middle attacks which have begun after the ssh_known_hosts file was created. FILES
Input format:, name.my.domain,name,n.my.domain,n,, Output format for RSA, DSA, ECDSA, and Ed25519 keys: host-or-namelist keytype base64-encoded-key Where keytype is either ``ecdsa-sha2-nistp256'', ``ecdsa-sha2-nistp384'', ``ecdsa-sha2-nistp521'', ``ssh-ed25519'', ``ssh-dss'' or ``ssh-rsa''. /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts EXAMPLES
Print the rsa host key for machine hostname: $ ssh-keyscan hostname Find all hosts from the file ssh_hosts which have new or different keys from those in the sorted file ssh_known_hosts: $ ssh-keyscan -t rsa,dsa,ecdsa,ed25519 -f ssh_hosts | sort -u - ssh_known_hosts | diff ssh_known_hosts - SEE ALSO
ssh(1), sshd(8) AUTHORS
David Mazieres <dm@lcs.mit.edu> wrote the initial version, and Wayne Davison <wayned@users.sourceforge.net> added support for protocol ver- sion 2. BUGS
It generates "Connection closed by remote host" messages on the consoles of all the machines it scans if the server is older than version 2.9. This is because it opens a connection to the ssh port, reads the public key, and drops the connection as soon as it gets the key. BSD
May 2, 2017 BSD

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