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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Display workflow engine which are not running Post 302339380 by aigles on Thursday 30th of July 2009 10:53:32 AM
Old 07-30-2009
Sorry, I confused two post them.
You don't need gawk, try nawk instead of awk.


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report-gtk - GUI tool to analyze and report ABRT problems SYNOPSIS
report-gtk [-vpdx] [-e EVENT] [-g GUI_FILE] PROBLEM_DIR DESCRIPTION
report-gtk is a graphical tool that reports application crashes and other problems caught by abrtd daemon, or created by other programs using libreport. report-gtk works with a single problem saved in specified PROBLEM_DIR. In the expert mode it enables access to and manipulation of problem data. OPTIONS
-d, --delete Remove PROBLEM_DIR after reporting -e EVENT Run only theset EVENTs on PROBLEM_DIR -g FILE Alternate GUI file -p Add program names to log -v, --verbose Be verbose -V, --version Display version and exit -x, --expert Enabled advanced features CONFIGURATION
Reporting work flow configuration These configuration files are placed in /usr/share/libreport/workflows. Each file has XML formatting with the following DTD: <!ELEMENT workflow (name+,description+,events*)> <!ELEMENT name (#PCDATA)> <!ATTLIST name xml:lang CDATA #IMPLIED> <!ELEMENT description (#PCDATA)> <!ATTLIST description xml:lang CDATA #IMPLIED> <!ELEMENT events = (event)+> <!ELEMENT event = (#PCDATA)> name User visible name description User visible description events List of executed events event Name of event. If event is not applicable on the problem data or if it is not defined then process continues with next event sibling. EXAMPLES
Simple reporting work flow <workflow> <name xml:lang="en">Example</name> <name xml:lang="cs">Piklad</name> <description xml:lang="en">Example description</description> <description xml:lang="cs">Piklad popisu</description> <evetns> <event>analyze_example</event> <event>collect_example</event> <event>report_example</event> </events> </workflow> AUTHORS
o ABRT team LIBREPORT 2.1.11 06/18/2014 REPORT-GTK(1)

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