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Full Discussion: Help on Sort command
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Help on Sort command Post 302339236 by amitkhiare on Thursday 30th of July 2009 05:45:52 AM
Old 07-30-2009
Java Help on Sort command

Hi there,

I have following log files


I would like to sort them based on date and then log / log.1 / log.2 etc, however when i use sort -n the command sorts on based of first numeric occurrence that is server name.

The output i need is something like this
1) Sort based in date 20 July / 21 July / 22 July / accordingly.
2) Sort based on log.bz2 / log.1.bz2 / log.2.bz2 / accordingly.

Is any option with sort? Please help.

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strclean(1M)															      strclean(1M)

strclean - remove outdated STREAMS error log files SYNOPSIS
logdir] age] DESCRIPTION
cleans the STREAMS error logger directory of log files mm-dd) that contain error messages sent by the STREAMS log driver, strlog(7). If the option is not used to specify another directory, removes error log files in the directory. If the option is not used to specify another age, removes error log files that have not been modified in three days. Options recognizes the following options and command-line arguments: Specifies a directory for the location of the STREAMS error log files to be removed if this is not the default directory Specifies a maximum age in days for the STREAMS error log files if this not the default age of 3. The value of age must be an integer greater than or less than 3. EXAMPLES
Remove day-old error log files from a directory called FILES
One or more error log file or files on which operates. The mm-dd in the filename indicates the month and day of the messages con- tained in the file. NLS catalog for SEE ALSO
strerr(1M), strlog(7). strclean(1M)

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