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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting copy files from remote server (B) to target server (A)? Post 302339045 by Beginer0705 on Wednesday 29th of July 2009 02:53:39 PM
Old 07-29-2009
copy files from remote server (B) to target server (A)?

Hi All,

what is the comand to log off the remote server?

I have 2 servers A, B. I need to find all files older than 7 days on server B and copy over to server A. My logic is:

login the remote server:
ssh hostB
cd /data/test
find . -mtime -7 -ls | awk '{print $11}' >> filesrequired.txt


logoff==> what comand to log off the remote server????

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ccr(8)							      System Manager's Manual							    ccr(8)

       ccr - remote console carrier requester

       ccr [ options ] node

       The  command  establishes  a logical connection between your ULTRIX system and the console carrier server on a remote system.  enables your
       terminal to act as the console for a remote unattended system.  For example, your terminal can act as the console for  a  Digital  Ethernet
       Communications Server (DECSA) and its resident software.  The node is the name or address of the target node.  A node name consists of from
       one to six alphanumeric characters.  A node address consist of two decimal integers (n.n), where the first  indicates  the  network  number
       (1-63), and the second indicates the node address (1-1023).

       You  can  use  to  force  a  crash if a server node becomes unresponsive.  To determine how to force a crash, see the documentation for the
       respective server product.

       The requirements for using are as follows:

       o   The host node (that is, your local ULTRIX node) and the remote node must be on the same Ethernet.

       o   If your server product is a DECSA, the console carrier server image (plutocc.sys) and its loader file (plutowl.sys) must be located	in
	   on  your  ULTRIX node. The pluocc.sys and plutowl.sys files are not need, nor is any loading done for other servers.  For more details,
	   see the installation guide for the particular server product.

       <CTRL/D> exits from console carrier mode and terminates

       -c   Uses the specified circuit to connect to the target node.

       -h   Uses the specified address (next argument) as the Ethernet address of the target node.

       -n   Uses the next argument as the target node ID.

       -p   Uses the specified service password (next arguments) in accessing the target node.

       # /etc/ccr -c qna-0 -n dallas <RET>
       ccr: Remote console reserved
       ccr: Remote console released

       You must have superuser privileges to run

       The command can return the following diagnostic messages:

       ccr: Remote console reserved
       The command has successfully connected to the remote console server and your terminal is now capable of acting as a console for the  remote

       ccr: Remote console released
       Your connection with the remote console server has been terminated and you are no longer in console carrier mode.

       ccr: Remote console already in use
       The remote console server that you are attempting to connect to is already reserved by another user.

       ccr: Permission denied
       You do not have the necessary privileges to run (You must be a superuser.)

       ccr: Hardware address required
       The  command  is unable to locate the hardware address of the remote node to which you are attempting to connect.  A remote node's hardware
       address must be defined either in the command line, or in its nodes database entry.  (Nodes database entries are defined with the command.)

       ccr: No node entry in database
       The command does not recognize the remote node to which you are attempting to connect, since the node-id that you specified is not  defined
       in the nodes database.  (Nodes database entries are defined with the command.)

       Console carrier server image

       Console carrier server loader

See Also
       addnode(8), getnode(8), load(8), remnode(8), trigger(8)
       Guide to Local Transport Servers


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