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Top Forums Programming Newbie Question.. -> error: syntax error before ';' token Post 302339006 by Corona688 on Wednesday 29th of July 2009 12:54:31 PM
Old 07-29-2009
It may be having problems with your while statement. Which I really don't like the look of anyhow; its so code-packed it took me a while to notice you're assigning YesNo twice in that one statement.

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EXECUTE(7)						  PostgreSQL 9.2.7 Documentation						EXECUTE(7)

EXECUTE - execute a prepared statement SYNOPSIS
EXECUTE name [ ( parameter [, ...] ) ] DESCRIPTION
EXECUTE is used to execute a previously prepared statement. Since prepared statements only exist for the duration of a session, the prepared statement must have been created by a PREPARE statement executed earlier in the current session. If the PREPARE statement that created the statement specified some parameters, a compatible set of parameters must be passed to the EXECUTE statement, or else an error is raised. Note that (unlike functions) prepared statements are not overloaded based on the type or number of their parameters; the name of a prepared statement must be unique within a database session. For more information on the creation and usage of prepared statements, see PREPARE(7). PARAMETERS
name The name of the prepared statement to execute. parameter The actual value of a parameter to the prepared statement. This must be an expression yielding a value that is compatible with the data type of this parameter, as was determined when the prepared statement was created. OUTPUTS
The command tag returned by EXECUTE is that of the prepared statement, and not EXECUTE. EXAMPLES
Examples are given in the EXAMPLES section of the PREPARE(7) documentation. COMPATIBILITY
The SQL standard includes an EXECUTE statement, but it is only for use in embedded SQL. This version of the EXECUTE statement also uses a somewhat different syntax. SEE ALSO
DEALLOCATE(7), PREPARE(7) PostgreSQL 9.2.7 2014-02-17 EXECUTE(7)

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