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Full Discussion: finding correct directories
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting finding correct directories Post 302338954 by cfajohnson on Wednesday 29th of July 2009 10:41:47 AM
Old 07-29-2009
Originally Posted by vjasai
I have directories like V00R01,V00R02,V01R01,V01R02 in a directory
where V is version and R is a release. basically I need to set base directory and current directory. Under a version there can be any number of releases and there can be number of versions also.
V00R01...V00R50..so on
V00R01...V00R50.. V01R01..V01R50 ...

Case 1: V00R30 and V00R31, V00R32.. in this case.. i have to set base to V00R31 and current to V00R32. (latest directory as current and previous one as base)

set -- V*R*
shift $(( $# - 2 ))

Case 2: There can be more versions .. like V00R30, V00R31, V00R32 and
V01R01, V01R02,V01R03.. then in this case.. i need to set base to V00R32 and Current directory to V01R03. (here also latest of V01 to current and latest of V00 to base)

set -- V00R*
shift $(( $# - 1 ))
set -- V01R*
shift $(( $# - 1 ))


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gmp_strval - Convert GMP number to string

string gmp_strval (GMP $gmpnumber, [int $base = 10]) DESCRIPTION
Convert GMP number to string representation in base $base. The default base is 10. PARAMETERS
o $gmpnumber - The GMP number that will be converted to a string. Either a GMP number resource in PHP 5.5 and earlier, a GMP object in PHP 5.6 and later, or a numeric string provided that it is possible to convert the latter to a number. o $base - The base of the returned number. The default base is 10. Allowed values for the base are from 2 to 62 and -2 to -36. RETURN VALUES
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