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Comparison of 2 files and Update them


I have 2 files where i save the IP adress of many printers that work on UNIX, one of these files, which is the 'Main File', is on a server call PROD, and the other one is on a different server call Al.

What I want, is to make a comparison between the 2 files, and then, copy the IPs that exist on the server PROD that are not on the Al server.

I understand that the diff command may be useful but I don't get the way yet.

Thax a lot!

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NWFSCTRL(8)							     nwfsctrl							       NWFSCTRL(8)

nwfsctrl - Perform server command SYNOPSIS
nwfsctrl [ -h ] [ -S server ] [ -U user name ] [ -P password | -n ] [ -C ] [ -p ncpfs path ] -c | -o | -[f]d nwfsctrl [ -h ] [ -S server ] [ -U user name ] [ -P password | -n ] [ -C ] [ -p ncpfs path ] server command DESCRIPTION
nwfsctrl performs command on server. OPTIONS
-h With -h nwfsctrl prints a little help text. -S server is the name of the server you want to use. -U user user is the user name to use for login. To set the server's time, you need supervisor privileges. -P password password is the password to use for login. If neither -n nor -P are given, and the user has no open connection to the server, nwfstime prompts for a password. -n -n should be given if no password is required for the login. As you need supervisor privileges for setting the date and time, this option is probably not used very often. -C By default, passwords are converted to uppercase before they are sent to the server, because most servers require this. You can turn off this conversion by -C. -o Open bindery. -c Close bindery. -d Down fileserver. This command will complain if there are open files on server. -fd Down fileserver, regardless of opened files. load module options... Load module module with options options... on server. Program will complain if module is already loaded. unload module Unload module module from server. Program will complain if module is not loaded. mount volume Mount volume volume. dismount volume Dismount volume volume. If there are open files on volume, server displays prompt on console. You must go to the server (or telnet/xcon- sole) and hit Y or N to get beyond this point). set variable = value Set server settable variable variable to value value. open bindery Open bindery. close bindery Close bindery. enable login Enable login to file server. disable login Disable login to file server. disable tts Disable TTS. This probably does not work on Netware 4.11. enable tts Enable TTS. This probably does not work on Netware 4.11. BUGS
Other commands are not written yet (volume, clear connection ...) CREDITS
This utility was created by Petr Vandrovec ( and is part of ncpfs since nwfsctrl 2/12/1999 NWFSCTRL(8)

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