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Top Forums Programming I need help with file reading/writing in C Post 302338399 by Zykl0n-B on Monday 27th of July 2009 10:03:03 PM
Old 07-28-2009
That's not properly help, but thanks anyway.

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arpsend(8)							    Containers								arpsend(8)

arpsend - send ARP requests SYNOPSIS
arpsend -D -e target_ip [ -e target_ip ...] [-c count] [-w timeout] interface arpsend -U -i source_ip [-c count] [-w timeout] interface DESCRIPTION
Utility arpsend sends ARP packets on device interface to detect or update neighbours' ARP caches with a given IP. COMMANDS
Run utility with one of the following commands: -D Send broadcast ARP request to detect neighbours with target_ip. You have to specify target_ip (-e option). -U Send broadcast ARP request to update neighbours' ARP caches with source_ip. You have to specify source_ip (-i option). OPTIONS
-c count Number of packets to send. Default is infinity. -w interval Interval between packets, in seconds. Default is 1 second. -i source_ip_address Set source IP address field in ARP packet. -e target_ip_address Set target IP address field in ARP packet. Note that you can specify -e option multiple times to detect many IP addresses in one utility call. EXIT STATUS
arpsend returns 0 upon successful execution. If something goes wrong, it returns an appropriate error code. 1 EXC_USAGE Usage error 2 EXC_SYSTEM System error 3 EXC_RECV ARP reply was received EXAMPLES
To send request on interface eth0 to detect any neighbour computers with IP arpsend -D -e eth0 To send request on interface eth0 to update neighbours' ARP caches with IP arpsend -U -i eth0 NOTES
Interface you use have to be arpable and not be loopback (i.e. /sbin/ip link show interface should show neither NOARP nor LOOPBACK flags in interface parameters). SEE ALSO
vzctl(8). LICENSE
Copyright (C) 2000-2011, Parallels, Inc. Licensed under GNU GPL. OpenVZ 28 Jun 2011 arpsend(8)

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