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Full Discussion: comparing multiple files
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting comparing multiple files Post 302338335 by karla on Monday 27th of July 2009 03:20:30 PM
Old 07-27-2009
The problem is that those files has different names, and also the first column differs for every row.. How to overcome that?
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Hello, I am having a bit of hard time to get my head around this one. I really hope someone is out there to help me out! Background of my code: I am doing some automation where I am verifying multiple files in multiple sub folders and if they are all identical, I would echo a line with my test... (0 Replies)
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Comparing multiple variables

Hi! I've come up with a ksh-script that produces one or more lists of hosts. At the and of the script, I would like to print only those hosts that exists in all the lists. Ex. HOSTS="host1 host2 host3 host11" HOSTS="host1 host2 host4" HOSTS="host2 host11" HOSTS="host2 host5 host6 host7... (1 Reply)
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comparing multiple variables by 'if then'

Hi, I am a noob at shell scripting. basically I am trying to compare row counts from 8 tables in different databases. I have managed to get the row counts using awk from the spool files for both databases. now I have 16 variables with me for database 1 : $A $B $C $D $E $F $G... (3 Replies)
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Comparing multiple variable in if statement

Hi there this script is an atempt to define which instances of Jboss relate to its PID by the date and timestamp I am using calc to test with. On our system the only way you can tell which instance relates to a particular instance is by looking at the start up time and date in a log. The... (9 Replies)
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5. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Comparing multiple fields from 2 files uing awk

Hi I have 2 files as below File 1 Chr Start End chr1 120 130 chr1 140 150 chr2 130 140 File2 Chr Start End Value chr1 121 128 ABC chr1 144 149 XYZ chr2 120 129 PQR I would like to compare these files using awk; specifically if column 1 of file1 is equal to column 1 of file2... (7 Replies)
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awk arrays comparing multiple columns across two files.

Hi, I'm trying to use awk arrays to compare values across two files based on multiple columns. I've attempted to load file 2 into an array and compare with values in file 1, but success has been absent. If anyone has any suggestions (and I'm not even sure if my script so far is on the right lines)... (4 Replies)
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Need help in comparing multiple columns from two files.

Hi all, I have two files as below. I need to compare field 2 of file 1 against field 1 of file 2 and field 5 of file 1 against filed 2 of file 2. If both matches , then create a result file 1 with first file data and if not matches , then create file with first fie data. Please help me in... (12 Replies)
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Comparing multiple network files (edge lists)

I want to compare 4 edge-lists to basically see if an edge is present in all 4 networks. The issue is that an edge A-B in one file can be present as B-A in another file. Example: Input 1: net1.txt A B 0.1 C D 0.65 D E 0.9 E A 0.7 Input 2: net2.txt A Z 0.1 C D 0.65 E D 0.9 E A... (1 Reply)
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Comparing multiple columns using awk

Hello All; I have two files with below conditions: 1. Entries in file A is missing in file B (primary is field 1) 2. Entries in file B is missing in file A (primary is field 1) 3. Field 1 is present in both files but Field 2 is different. Example Content: File A ... (4 Replies)
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10. Shell Programming and Scripting

Comparing multiple files

I want to develop one unix script that will first match the multiple files on one server say A with multiple files on another server say B and copy those to server A. After that need to compare the contents of these 2 set of multiple files on different location on same server and generate the... (4 Replies)
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VTYSH(1)                                                          Version 0.96.5                                                          VTYSH(1)

vtysh - a integrated shell for Quagga routing software SYNOPSIS
vtysh [ -b ] vtysh [ -E ] [ -d daemon ] ] [ -c command ] DESCRIPTION
vtysh is a integrated shell for Quagga routing engine. OPTIONS
Options available for the vtysh command: -b, --boot Execute boot startup configuration. It makes sense only if integrated config file is in use (not default in Quagga). See Info file Quagga for more info. -c, --command command Specify command to be executed under batch mode. It behaves like -c option in any other shell - command is executed and vtysh exits. It's useful for gathering info from Quagga routing software or reconfiguring daemons from inside shell scripts, etc. Note that mul- tiple commands may be executed by using more than one -c option and/or embedding linefeed characters inside the command string. -d, --daemon daemon_name Specify which daemon to connect to. By default, vtysh attempts to connect to all Quagga daemons running on the system. With this flag, one can specify a single daemon to connect to instead. For example, specifying '-d ospfd' will connect only to ospfd. This can be particularly useful inside scripts with -c where the command is targeted for a single daemon. -e, --execute command Alias for -c. It's here only for compatibility with Zebra routing software and older Quagga versions. This will be removed in future. -E, --echo When the -c option is being used, this flag will cause the standard vtysh prompt and command to be echoed prior to displaying the results. This is particularly useful to separate the results when executing multiple commands. -h, --help Display a usage message on standard output and exit. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
VTYSH_PAGER This should be the name of the pager to use. Default is more. FILES
/usr/local/etc/vtysh.conf The default location of the vtysh config file. /usr/local/etc/Quagga.conf The default location of the integrated Quagga routing engine config file if integrated config file is in use (not default). WARNING
This man page is intended to be a quick reference for command line options. The definitive document is the Info file Quagga. SEE ALSO
bgpd(8), ripd(8), ripngd(8), ospfd(8), ospf6d(8), isisd(8), zebra(8) BUGS
vtysh eats bugs for breakfast. If you have food for the maintainers try AUTHORS
See and or the Info file for an accurate list of authors. Quagga VTY shell 27 July 2006 VTYSH(1)

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