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Full Discussion: Problem with echo *
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Problem with echo * Post 302338104 by tenderfoot on Monday 27th of July 2009 05:40:26 AM
Old 07-27-2009
Problem with echo *

Hello all,

Please help with the below.

I have a requirement where in I have to read a pattern and print it as shown below.

Patterns will be as below.

HTML Code:
Input          Output
Pattern       Should be printed as below with spaces such that I can awk.
-*--*         -  *  -  -  *
*--**         *  -  -  *  *
*****        *  *  *  *  *
When I am trying to echo the wildcard after reading the pattern with fold, it is printing all the files in that directory.
I am writing a shell script for DB2 in Korn shell.

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NumberFormatter::setPattern - Set formatter pattern

	Object oriented style

public bool NumberFormatter::setPattern (string $pattern) DESCRIPTION
Procedural style bool numfmt_set_pattern (NumberFormatter $fmt, string $pattern) Set the pattern used by the formatter. Can not be used on a rule-based formatter. PARAMETERS
o $fmt -NumberFormatter object. o $pattern - Pattern in syntax described in ICU DecimalFormat documentation. RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. EXAMPLES
Example #1 numfmt_set_pattern(3) example <?php $fmt = numfmt_create( 'de_DE', NumberFormatter::DECIMAL ); echo "Pattern: ".numfmt_get_pattern($fmt)." "; echo numfmt_format($fmt, 1234567.891234567890000)." "; numfmt_set_pattern($fmt, "#0.# kg"); echo "Pattern: ".numfmt_get_pattern($fmt)." "; echo numfmt_format($fmt, 1234567.891234567890000)." "; ?> Example #2 OO example <?php $fmt = new NumberFormatter( 'de_DE', NumberFormatter::DECIMAL ); echo "Pattern: ".$fmt->getPattern()." "; echo $fmt->format(1234567.891234567890000)." "; $fmt->setPattern("#0.# kg"); echo "Pattern: ".$fmt->getPattern()." "; echo $fmt->format(1234567.891234567890000)." "; ?> The above example will output: Pattern: #,##0.### 1.234.567,891 Pattern: #0.# kg 1234567,9 kg SEE ALSO
numfmt_get_error_code(3), numfmt_create(3), numfmt_get_pattern(3). PHP Documentation Group NUMFMT_SET_PATTERN(3)

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