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Top Forums Programming I need help with file reading/writing in C Post 302338067 by matrixmadhan on Monday 27th of July 2009 04:33:02 AM
Old 07-27-2009
Please help me, it's urgent!
This is not encouraged here.

I might have not understood your problem completely, please correct me if am wrong.
From what I have read from the question you have posted,
its dump data read from structure to a file
keep appending the data read from structure again
close the file
open it and read the data structure again ...

For all these you have libraries,
fopen - in append mode

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ARP(9)							   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual						    ARP(9)

arp, arp_ifinit, arpresolve, arpintr -- externally visible ARP functions SYNOPSIS
#include <netinet/if_inarp.h> void arp_ifinit(struct ifnet *ifp, struct ifaddr *ifa); int arpresolve(struct ifnet *ifp, struct rtentry *rt, struct mbuf *m, struct sockaddr *dst, u_char *desten); void arpintr(); DESCRIPTION
The arp functions provide the interface between the arp module and the network drivers which need arp functionality. Such drivers must request the arp attribute in their "files" declaration. arp_ifinit() Sets up the arp specific fields in ifa. Additionally, it sends out a gratuitous arp request on ifp, so that other machines are warned that we have a (new) address and duplicate addresses can be detected. You must call this in your drivers' ioctl function when you get a SIOCSIFADDR request with an AF_INET address family. arpresolve() is called by network output functions to resolve an IPv4 address. If no rt is given, a new one is looked up or created. If the passed or found rt does not contain a valid gateway link level address, a pointer to the packet in m is stored in the route entry, possibly replacing older stored packets, and an arp request is sent instead. When an arp reply is received, the last held packet is send. Otherwise, the looked up address is returned and written into the storage desten points to. arpresolve() returns 1, if a valid address was stored to desten, and the packet can be sent immediately. Else a 0 is returned. arpintr() When an arp packet is received, the network driver (class) input interrupt handler queues the packet on the arpintrq queue, and requests an arpintr() soft interrupt callback. arpintr() dequeues the packets, performs sanity checks and calls (for IPv4 arp packets, which are the only ones supported currently) the in_arpinput() function. in_arpinput() either generates a reply to request packets, and adds the sender address translation to the routing table, if a matching route entry is found. If the route entry contained a pointer to a held packet, that packet is sent. SEE ALSO
ether_ifattach(9) Plummer, D., "RFC826", An Ethernet Address Resolution Protocol. STANDARDS
Rewritten to support other than Ethernet link level addresses in NetBSD 1.3. AUTHORS
UCB CSRG (original implementation) Ignatios Souvatzis (support for non-Ethernet) CODE REFERENCES
The ARP code is implemented in sys/net/if_arp.h, sys/netinet/if_inarp.h and sys/netinet/if_arp.c. BSD
March 3, 1997 BSD

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