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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Protecting access to partition Post 302337300 by Corona688 on Thursday 23rd of July 2009 07:11:26 PM
Old 07-23-2009
This is just a confusion of terms I think. I don't think "instance owning database partition" is the same thing at all, it sounds like something happening inside the database, not a partition outside of it; and a database won't be able to do much with a partition, but could store files inside its filesystem if you give it one. Usually, only root has access to the partitions; the filesystems inside them keep their own counsel so to speak.

A partition in OS terms is just a slice of disk space. It acts like a huge file of fixed size. A database wouldn't find this too useful unless you have something extremely specific in mind, nor would most other things, they'd rather create many files of smaller size and directories to order them; so usually a filesystem is created in these partitions.

Once the filesystem is created inside the partition, it can be mounted by the OS, after which it acts just like a directory. It has a user and group like any other directory and can be owned by whatever user you want irrespective of who has raw access to the partition.

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xfs_rtcp(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       xfs_rtcp(8)

xfs_rtcp - XFS realtime copy command SYNOPSIS
xfs_rtcp [ -e extsize ] [ -p ] source ... target DESCRIPTION
xfs_rtcp copies a file to the realtime partition on an XFS filesystem. If there is more than one source and target, the final argument (the target) must be a directory which already exists. OPTIONS
-e extsize Sets the extent size of the destination realtime file. -p Use if the size of the source file is not an even multiple of the block size of the destination filesystem. When -p is specified xfs_rtcp will pad the destination file to a size which is an even multiple of the filesystem block size. This is necessary since the realtime file is created using direct I/O and the minimum I/O is the filesystem block size. SEE ALSO
xfs(5), mkfs.xfs(8), mount(8). CAVEATS
Currently, realtime partitions are not supported under the Linux version of XFS, and use of a realtime partition WILL CAUSE CORRUPTION on the data partition. As such, this command is made available for curious DEVELOPERS ONLY at this point in time. xfs_rtcp(8)

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