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Full Discussion: Ms network browser problem
Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Ms network browser problem Post 302337056 by uwa45 on Thursday 23rd of July 2009 09:42:41 AM
Old 07-23-2009
Ms network browser problem

hi all, i manage a network of 120 windows xp systems and my gateway run on centos 4.6 i actually config the linux gateway my self and i config iptable rules as well.until now, all has been fine but the problem now is that amunable to browse the network using my network places from some of the windows pc.i know such issues normally has to do with blocked ports but i didn't block the port used by windows for file to i resolve the problem?

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TRACEROUTE6(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					    TRACEROUTE6(8)

traceroute6 -- print the route IPv6 packets will take to the destination SYNOPSIS
traceroute6 [-adIlnrv] [-A as_server] [-f firsthop] [-g gateway] [-m hoplimit] [-p port] [-q probes] [-s src] [-w waittime] target [datalen] DESCRIPTION
-A Turn on AS# lookups and use the given server instead of the default. -a Turn on AS# lookups for each hop encountered. -d Debug mode. -f firsthop Specify how many hops to skip in trace. -g gateway Specify intermediate gateway (traceroute6 uses routing header). -I Use ICMP6 ECHO instead of UDP datagrams. -l Print both host hostnames and numeric addresses. Normally traceroute6 prints only hostnames if -n is not specified, and only numeric addresses if -n is specified. -m hoplimit Specify maximum hoplimit. -n Do not resolve numeric address to hostname. -p port Set UDP port number to port. -q probes Set the number of probe per hop count to probes. -r Bypass the normal routing tables and send directly to a host on an attached network. If the host is not on a directly-attached net- work, an error is returned. This option can be used to send probes to a local host through an interface that has no route through it (e.g., after the interface was dropped by route6d(8)). -s src Src specifies the source IPv6 address to be used. -v Be verbose. -w waittime Specify the delay time between probes. EXIT STATUS
The traceroute6 command exits 0 on success, and >0 on errors. SEE ALSO
ping(8), ping6(8), traceroute(8) HISTORY
The traceroute6 command first appeared in WIDE hydrangea IPv6 protocol stack kit. BSD
September 17, 2005 BSD

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